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Creating art for mental health

Knowing the benefits that art can have on the mind, Linda enrolled in the Diploma of Creative Arts and Health.

Creative projects like drawing and painting have always helped Linda Crispin clear her mind and refocus. Since completing a Bachelor Fine Arts in 2017, she has showcased her work in solo shows and is now a finalist in the 2021 Henry Jones Art Prize.

Knowing herself the benefits that art can have on the mind, Linda enrolled in the Diploma of Creative Arts and Health.

“Mental health has been a big part of my life and my family’s life. A lot of us have had mental health issues, so it is very front of mind for me. Mental health and feeling good and creating ways to make people feel good is important to me.”

Linda says she’s also interested in psychology and in the aging brain, as she has lost some grandparents to dementia. All of this led her to the Diploma of Creative Arts and Health. 

It has expanded my mind. I’ve learnt a lot about the brain and how the brain works. I never thought that I’d ever know anything about that, so that has been quite good.

Having completed her Fine Arts degree on-campus, Linda was a little apprehensive about studying her diploma online. However, she soon discovered the benefits of online learning.

Studying online has been fantastic. The teaching staff work hard on keeping you connected. They make sure there are activities, that you participate in discussion groups, talk to your fellow students, that sort of thing. You do feel like you’ve been in a classroom almost.

Linda says that there’s a great mix of students from a range of ages and backgrounds. This helped her make meaningful connections with people around the country.

Today, Linda’s on track to complete her diploma in 2022 and she has big plans. Linda intends to use her degree to start her own studio from home. She also aims to hold creative health classes for her local community.

“It might not be art therapy as such, but me being a trained artist and having the Diploma of Creative Arts and Health behind me will allow me to offer something a little more targeted around arts, creativity and health. I think there’s plenty of scope out there to make art with community groups or school groups and just to help find a creative outlet which I think is important for learning, and life.”

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