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Tassie lifestyle in demand with supply chain degree


Making the switch from working at a multi-national Tech giant in Chennai to the big-small-town energy of Launceston was a breath of fresh air for Master of Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management student Preyanka Pandiyan.

Coming of age in the “gateway to South India,” Preyanka was living any graduate’s dream. After graduating from a Bachelor of Technology at Anna University in Chennai, a six-month internship at Indian tech giant Infosys landed her a dynamic role as a systems engineer.

However, after almost six years in service provider positions Preyanka was searching for a new challenge. And as it happened, a short stint in a supply chain role sparked her next venture.

“While I was employed in tech, I worked on a project for Johnson & Johnson technologies where it involved supply chain management of medical devices,"  Preyanka said.

"I came to know how complex, evolving, and opportunistic supply chain management can be, which inspired me to pursue my masters in this specialisation.”

With the decision to specialise firmly decided, Preyanka knew exactly where she wanted to do it.

“I have previously visited Australia on holiday and fell in love with this country. Better yet, to live and study on an island state like Tasmania, what more could I ask for?

"I did some research and found that the course at Australian Maritime College (AMC) at the University of Tasmania was the only one in the country designed to cover logistics and supply chain.

“Also, I have a sibling who lives in Hobart so staying close to family was also one of the perks that motivated me to move here.”

Life-changing experience beyond the classroom

Now, six months later, life looks a little different for Preyanka who is squeezing the most out of her Tassie lifestyle while studying at the AMC campus in Launceston.

“I’ve just competed in my first semester, and it’s been great so far! I have met and made friends with so many people, especially as part of the newly created and affiliated Global Logistics Society for students with AMC where I’m the Social Media coordinator.

“Apart from that, I signed up for volunteering during the clubs and society day held in July. I volunteer with Harvest Launceston Farmer’s market on Saturdays and signed up with Australian Red cross as well. When I go and visit my brother in Hobart, I volunteer with Bush Heritage Australia as well.

I love travelling and have ticked off quite a few places in Tassie  - Bruny Island is my favourite by far. It’s my safe haven to get away from routine life where I just go off the grid and spend time with wildlife and nature.

"For anyone like me who loves peace, natural beauty, and quiet life away from bustling cities, this is the best place for studying and living.”

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Banner image courtesy of Preyanka Pandiyan.