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Beyond the stethoscope: Six health careers you can pursue with a biomedicine degree


Are you drawn to the vast and vital health field, passionate about making a difference, but don’t necessarily see yourself donning scrubs and a stethoscope?

If you're intrigued by the workings of the human body and fascinated by the power of science to transform lives, then a career in health could be your calling. But remember, a career in health doesn't always mean becoming a doctor.

A degree in Biomedical Science, often considered the stepping stone to the traditional medical field, in fact, opens up a broad spectrum of diverse and rewarding careers.

From decoding the mysteries of genetics to shaping public health policy, these six careers offer more than a peek under the microscope.


Imagine having the power to read and interpret the blueprint of life. Geneticists dive deep into the world of genes, heredity, and DNA, contributing to exciting advancements in personalised medicine, genetic therapies, and biotechnology. As a geneticist, you can push the boundaries of our genetic understanding and make a lasting impact.


The recent pandemic has reinforced epidemiologists' crucial role in safeguarding global health. They meticulously track disease patterns and causes, providing indispensable data that inform public health decisions. With your unique skill set, you could play a key role in shaping health policy and controlling or even preventing future outbreaks.

Medical Researcher

As a medical researcher, you'll be on the cutting edge of new treatments and breakthroughs, tirelessly working to enhance patient outcomes. Your work could span a wide range of areas, from drug development to conducting clinical trials. With a projected growth rate of 5.6% in Australia by the end of the decade, this career offers abundant opportunities for advancement.

Science Communicator

As a science communicator, you'll serve as a vital bridge, translating complex scientific concepts for the general public's understanding. You'll find opportunities to work in various settings, from media outlets to museums and even policy-making organisations. Your expertise in this increasingly significant field can shape society's perception and understanding of science.

Health Policy Developer

Envision yourself not merely as an observer of the healthcare system but as an influencer shaping its future. As a health policy developer, you'll devise strategies to enhance public health outcomes, anticipate future challenges, and innovate solutions. The Australian Government's JobOutlook anticipates a robust demand in this field, with a projected 8.7% job growth by 2026. This role offers the opportunity for big-picture thinking and the prospect of making a substantial societal difference.

Laboratory Technician

If you're intrigued by the day-to-day discoveries of lab work, becoming a laboratory technician could be your path. Integral to scientific research, lab technicians analyse and interpret a range of biological samples. And the opportunities extend beyond the lab, with roles available in diverse sectors like environmental organisations, forensic departments, and even breweries!

With a biomedicine degree, your future career options extend well beyond the doctor's office. Whether you're decoding the mysteries of DNA, shaping health policy, or unveiling exciting discoveries in a lab, you'll be making a difference in a field that's as rewarding as it is diverse.

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