It’s in our nature

Explore a collection of stories that celebrate and highlight the unique work being undertaken by our institution, and the people within it, to deliver a more fair, equitable and sustainable society.

For many years our University has been working hard to deliver more sustainable outcomes for Tasmania, and from Tasmania to the world.  We know that our mission is a pressing one. Now is the time to create a society based on a climate positive and circular economy, where inequality diminishes rather than grows, and where a better measure of the quality of life guides our choices. Our sustainability mission is individual as well as institutional and these stories provide just a few examples of the work we are doing to create change, told through a personal lens. We look forward to continuing to share with you our journey of sustainability and improved equity.

Our commitment to sustainability

Care for Country

Aboriginal people have a custodial responsibility to listen to Country, and at its heart is sustainability, writes Rob Anders.

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Teaching Generation Next

There’s no better place than Tasmania to develop place-based climate change education, writes Victoria Carrington.

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Six steps towards achieving sustainability goals

Working with communities, industries and governments to progress sustainability on all fronts: environmental, socio-cultural and financial.

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Our sustainability work in action

The underwater eco detectives

The impact of climate change on sea life is largely out of sight but not, thanks to marine ecologist Gretta Pecl, out of mind.

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Polar research prevents us getting caught out in the cold

Matt King makes an impassioned case for turbocharging the pace of polar research.

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