Get involved with sustainability

The University of Tasmania encourages all members of its community to get involved to help the University become more sustainable.

Sustainability Bulletin

The Sustainability Bulletin informs of upcoming events, projects and the sustainability of the University of Tasmania.

If you have any items for submission to the Sustainability Bulletin, please email

Other ways to get involved and learn more about sustainability

Sustainability Engagement Plan

The University of Tasmania Sustainability Engagement Plan (PDF 227.4 KB) addresses student, employee and community engagement for sustainability, with initiatives designed to achieve nine strategic goals: 1576440

  • To maintain a foundational sustainability integration program for students (SIPS) with recurrent resourcing to allow longer term planning
  • Through SIPS, to continue to support the operational sustainability needs of the University and broadly engage students and staff in the operational sustainability of the University
  • To provide opportunities for academic engagement with sustainability through SIPS
  • Students can be part of and contribute to the sustainability culture at the University as part of their student experience
  • Sustainability priorities at the University are informed by staff and student voices through best practice sustainability governance, and the University provides opportunities for learning and professional development in sustainability governance
  • Sustainability is an integrated part of working life for all staff at the University of Tasmania
  • Sustainable event principles are integrated into all University events and required for events on University property
  • Sustainability leadership and innovation is recognised and celebrated at the University
  • The University is an active leader in a range of professional networks and communities for sustainability