Sustainable research

We all have an opportunity to let sustainability guide our actions and join a shared mission to become the world's most sustainable university.

Research groups and themes

The following is a non-exhaustive list of our sustainability related research groups and themes. If you are working on a research group that is not listed here, please contact the Sustainability Team.

Future Energy

Future Energy is a research collaboration at the University of Tasmania working on energy governance, markets, culture, and technologies. The group brings together expertise from business, economics, engineering, ICT, social science, geography, marine science, architecture, planning, and the humanities to produce high quality research that interrogates and develops options for future energy provision in Tasmania and beyond.

Climate Futures

Climate Futures brings world leading climate science expertise to the challenges of local planning and adaptation. It bridges the gap between fundamental climate science and the local adaptation needs of Australian industries, government agencies and communities.

Resilient social-ecological systems

Resilient social-ecological systems research focuses on how nature and culture interact and how these interactions can be better managed to serve more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable futures.

Disaster Resilience

The Disaster Resilience Research Group aims to enhance research leadership in disaster resilience both locally in Tasmania, nationally in Australia and internationally, acknowledging the need to promote cooperation between research entities and those involved in emergency management to develop new products that enhance disaster resilience.

Healthy Landscapes

The Healthy Landscapes Research Group brings together expertise in ecology, health, architecture, planning, agriculture, social, spatial and statistical sciences to address two core questions

  • How do biodiversity and human health interact in the landscapes of regional cities such as Hobart, and their regional and rural surrounds?
  • How can we intervene to build healthier environments for people and biodiversity?

Sustainable Healthcare and Dental Public Health

The Sustainable Healthcare and Dental Public Health Research Group focuses on achieving the key goals of access, equity, affordability, and quality across the health care system. In addition, their research focuses on services often overlooked by the broader health system, in particular dental and oral health.