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Parking FAQs

The Sandy Bay and Newnham campuses each have parking areas that are allocated as free parking for the sole use of University of Tasmania students who have a valid University Student e-Permit. Student free parking bays are marked with red dots and sign-posted.

Students can also park for free at the University's West Park campus in Burnie.

Student parking e-Permits are free of charge to eligible students. Only currently enrolled students are eligible.

In addition to dedicated student free spaces, a number of drop-off zones are located around campus for free short-term parking, off-loading and collection of passengers or equipment etc.

Anyone who has a valid Australian Disability Parking Permit or Tasmanian Disability Parking Permit can park in designated disability parking spaces at no cost.

In addition, staff and students with a temporary or permanent disability who are:

  • unable to walk; or
  • only able to walk short distances (approximately 100 metres) without the assistance of another person or the use of a complex walking aid (such as a wheelchair)

are eligible to apply for a UTAS Restricted Mobility Parking Permit which allows them to park in designated parking bays on campus.

Yes. A number of designated motorcycle parking bays are available for use free of charge. However, if you wish to park in a permit or voucher zone, please ensure you display a valid permit or voucher to avoid being issued an infringement notice.

The number of students and staff visiting campus each day may exceed the number of spaces available so it cannot be guaranteed that you will find a space.

However, given the significantly higher cost of CBD staff parking permits, the number of parking permits will match the number of reserved staff parking spaces available at University CBD sites.

Daily or hourly parking

Anyone, including students and staff, can access daily or hourly paid parking by using the voucher parking machines located in the parking areas. Voucher machines accept coins or payment via Credit Card.  Payment can also be made using the EasyPark payment App.

Students in residence

Residents will be given information on payment and permit issuing from Accommodation Services when applying for or moving into University accommodation.

Staff, including casuals and honorary appointments

Full-time and fractional staff can apply for a Staff Parking e-Permit and elect their payment method using the online application system.

Sessional, casual and honorary staff can pay daily or hourly at a voucher parking machines. Sessional and honorary staff may purchase a Staff (Standard) ePermit using the online application system (upfront payment by credit card required).


At the start of 2022, the University partnered with EasyPark to introduce a digital parking permit (e-Permit) for University users.

e-Permits provide permit holders with increased flexibility to self-manage their parking. Specifically ePermits:

  • are applied for online, meaning you don't need to complete an electronic or manual form or attend a service centre to collect a physical permit
  • provide greater flexibility for end users to apply, renew and manage their permits
  • can be virtually swapped between vehicles without the need to physically transfer printed permits
  • provide the University with increased flexibility to manage its carparks and permit systems
  • provide greater protection against permit misuse making parking more equitable for genuine permit holders
  • prevent infringements being incorrectly issued to a valid permit holder
  • are more sustainable as there is no need for plastic-coated printed permits.

ePermits are stored in the EasyPark Digital Permit Management System.  University security staff perform regular patrols of University-controlled carparks and check the system to confirm whether the registration number of a vehicle is attached to a valid University ePermit.

At the Inveresk Northern carpark off Forster Street, staff ePermits allow staff to park without needing to pay (weekdays only).  The vehicle licence plate is automatically scanned when entering and exiting the carpark and recognises that it is attached to an ePermit and no payment is required. As a result, it's critical that the registration number attached to your permit is accurate before you access this carpark.

Student ePermits are issued free of charge (subject to eligibility).

Current staff ePermit rates are available on the staff intranet parking permit rates page (University sign-in required).

No. Only one vehicle can be attached to a permit at any one time.  You can, however, change the vehicle assigned to your permit by accessing your parking account on the online digital permit system and updating the registration details before parking your vehicle on campus.

No.  The EasyPark Payment App and the online Digital Permit Management System are two entirely separate systems.

You must change your registration details in the online Digital Permit Management System to ensure that your permit is correctly attached to the vehicle you are bringing onto campus.

If you are parking in a voucher zone and paying via the EasyPark App you will still need to ensure that you select the appropriate vehicle registration for your payment.

Enforcement and infringements

Yes. To ensure that the system is fair and equitable, paid parking at the University is managed by Infrastructure Services and Development (ISD) and failure to display a current parking voucher or permit will result in an infringement notice being issued.

Payment for parking infringements is processed by the Hobart and Launceston City Councils. Instructions on how to pay can be found on the Infringement Notice.


If you wish to lodge an appeal against your parking infringement notice, the process for doing so will depend on whether your vehicle was parked in a University or local council carpark at the time the infringement was issued.

For University-controlled carparks, you will need to contact ISD (Campus Services) within 5 days of receiving the notice. For the avoidance of doubt, the following carparks are University-controlled:

  • Sandy Bay campus
  • Newnham campus
  • West Park campus
  • Webster carpark, Melville Street, Hobart CBD
  • Medical Sciences Precinct (MSP) carpark, Liverpool Street, Hobart CBD
  • Levels 1 and 3, Hobart Apartments carpark, Melville Street, Hobart CBD
  • Centre for the Arts carpark, Evans Street, Hobart

For carparks controlled by local councils, access the relevant Council website for further information:

More information about parking infringements is available on the Parking Infringements Appeals page.

Hourly parking is available in areas designated as 'voucher parking' - simply pay for as much time as you need by purchasing a voucher or using the EasyPark app.

Some car parking areas at each of the Sandy Bay and Newnham campuses are allocated as student permit parking. These spaces are free of charge and for the sole use of University students. Students must have a student parking ePermit to park in these zones or an infringement notice may be issued.

At Sandy Bay and Newnham, parking bays for student-parking zones are marked with red dots and sign-posted. Students can also park free of charge at the University’s West Park campus at Burnie.

User guides with instructions on how to create an account in the Digital Permit system and how to apply for a permit can be found on the Student section of the parking website.

Please be aware that you must be currently enrolled at the University in order to be eligible to apply.

Permit holders should observe all signage and on-ground markers to ensure they are parked in the correct parking zone for their ePermit.

Details of student on-campus parking zones can be found on Unimaps - simply select your campus and then choose Parking from the available options.

No. A student ePermit only enables a permit holder to park for free in the free student parking zones on the Sandy Bay and Newnham campuses (denoted by red on-ground markers), and the general parking area at the West Park campus. If you park in a voucher zone your parking session must be accompanied by the relevant payment made either via the voucher machine or through the EasyPark App.

No. If you park in the Northern Carpark at Inveresk, you are required to pay for your parking session.

Information for Hunter Street student permit holders

Only students enrolled in courses at the Hunter Street site in the Hobart CBD are authorised to apply for a Hunter Street student ePermit. Students applying for this permit will have their eligibility checked against student enrolment records.

Yes.  When parking in the Evans Street carpark at Hunter Street, a Hunter Street student ePermit MUST be accompanied by a parking payment made via the EasyPark App.

No. From the start of Semester 1, 2022 (ie February 14, 2022) payment for parking at Hunter Street can only be done via the EasyPark Payment App. Physical vouchers are no longer accepted.

Student permit holders must ensure that the mobile number nominated on their EasyPark Payment App is the same mobile number nominated on their University parking permit account.  This will ensure that your payment can be verified against your permit when the carpark is monitored for unauthorised parking.

Yes. A Hunter Street student ePermit is valid in the free student parking zone at the Sandy Bay and Newnham campuses (denoted by red on-ground markers) and in the general parking zone at the West Park campus.

However, please be aware that if you park in a voucher zone on campus (denoted by blue on-ground markers) you must pay for your parking either via the voucher machine or through the EasyPark App to avoid getting an infringement.

User guides with instructions on how to create an account in the Digital Permit Management System and how to apply for a permit can be found on the staff intranet parking page (University sign-in required).  Permit rates are also available on this page.

Existing permit holders

If you currently hold a staff parking permit and pay via fortnightly salary deduction, you do not need to reapply for a permit for the following year. Infrastructure Services and Development (ISD) will contact you during November with information on renewing your permit for the following year.

If you paid for your permit via credit card, ISD will also contact you with the details you provided on your existing permit application form.

If you have not heard from ISD by the end of November, please contact them via telephone on +61 3 6226 2600 or email for information on reapplication.

Staff who don't have an existing permit

If you don't have an existing staff parking permit, you can apply for one via the online application system.

Yes. You can opt to salary sacrifice your parking permit fees, or you can pay a one-off up-front payment through the University’s Credit Card Payment Portal.  Just choose the payment method suitable to you when applying for your ePermit.

Although there is no cost for a staff ePermit for staff physically located at the West Park campus in Burnie, if you are based at this location you should select the Salary Sacrifice payment method when applying for a staff ePermit. Please be assured that no salary sacrifice deduction will be established if you are based at West Park - this step is necessary only to allow you to progress to the next stage of the application in the system.

Permit holders should observe all signage and on-ground markers to ensure they are parked in the correct parking zone for their ePermit.  Details of staff on-campus parking zones can be found on Unimaps - simply select your campus and then choose Parking from the available options.

Permits are non-transferrable, so you cannot on-sell them.  If you leave the University before your parking permit expires, you will be entitled to a pro-rata refund amount starting from the following month after you leave.

If you are one of the small number of staff who have not transitioned to the ePermit system, you will need to return your permit to Infrastructure Services and Development prior to receiving your refund.

Leave periods of greater than 12 weeks will be considered for a pro-rata refund.

It is not possible to accurately predict daily demand for parking at each campus, therefore a permit cannot guarantee that a bay will be available. Locating a parking space can often be difficult, particularly at the beginning of semester or during exams.

Alternative transport is recommended, including cycling, carpooling and public transport.

The exception to this is Hobart CBD parking permits. Given the significantly higher cost of these permits, the number of parking permits will match the number of reserved staff parking spaces available.

Visitors and volunteers are normally expected to purchase a daily or hourly parking voucher for the duration of their visit. Alternatively, colleges, institutes or departments can issue a 'temporary parking permit'. Temporary permits are only for visitors, guests and volunteers. ISD will provide temporary permits to colleges, institutes or departments upon request.

Temporary permits are only valid for use in staff parking bays (white dot) or reserved parking bays that are managed by the area issuing the temporary permit. It is the responsibility of the college/institute/division to ensure that visitors display the temporary parking permit when they park in 'reserved parking' bays.

This cost is to be borne by the college/institute/division and is as per the process for hosting a visitor as described above.

Yes. There is nothing to prevent employees from making their own arrangements to share a permit.

Please note that shared permits will still be processed, recorded and paid for under one name, so any sharing arrangement would be the staff members' responsibility.