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Parking permits

Staff Permit TypeFortnightly salary sacrifice
payment via MyHR
One-off credit card payment (includes GST). 
Staff permit parking on campus - HEO1-4 or salary equivalent $10.15 $290
Staff permit parking on campus - other staff $20.30 $579
Executive staff parking spaces $40.60 $1,159
CBD staff permit parking - HEO1-4 or equivalent $45.30 $1,296
CBD staff permit parking - standard $80.90 $2,314
Melville St car park staff permit - HEO1-4 or equivalent $51.65 $1,477
Melville St car park staff permit - other staff $103.30 $2,954

* Not including CBD

If you are a fractional staff member and your gross annual salary is below the equivalent to the top of the HEO-4 classification range for a full-time staff member, then you can pay the discount rate listed above.

Restricted Mobility Permit

Student Parking Permit - Sandy Bay and Newnham Campuses

There are a limited number of student-only reserved parking bays on the Sandy Bay and Newnham campuses. If you are a current UTAS student, you can collect a student parking permit free of charge.

  • Sandy Bay students: collect from the U Connect team in the Morris Miller Library.
  • Newnham students: from the Security office in Queen Elizabeth Walk on the Newnham campus

Student-permit parking bays are marked with red dots and are sign-posted as student permit parking.

Student-permit parking bays are located in the Grace Street car park and on College Road on the Sandy Bay campus, and beside Leprena in the main car park on the Newnham campus.

Student parking permits are valid for student permit parking bays only (marked with red dots), and are not valid for general (UTAS staff) permit parking bays (white dots).

Student Parking Permit - School of Creative Arts and Media, Hunter Street

Students enrolled in a degree or unit in either the School of Creative Arts and Media, or the Design degree, are eligible to apply for a Hunter Street Student Permit which entitles the holder to search for a parking space in the University of Tasmania voucher controlled car park only, and only in those spaces indicated by blue road markers. There are a limited number of spaces available. Permits are free of charge.

The permit allows students to purchase vouchers for display in the University voucher parking bays outside the School of Creative Arts and Media, Hunter Street. Both a valid voucher and a permit must be clearly displayed in parked vehicles. Permits are available at the Administration Counter at the Hunter Street campus. Students will need their ID cards and vehicle registration numbers to apply.

Please note that Sandy Bay or other University permits are not viable for the Hunter Street car park.

Residential Parking Permit

The University provides a limited number of residential parking spaces for residents at the Sandy Bay and Newnham campuses.

Residential parking permits are managed by Accommodation Services. Find out more about residential parking permits.

Obtaining a Replacement Parking Permit

  • A replacement parking permit may be issued subject to satisfactory information regarding the loss or destruction of the permit being provided. Lost staff parking permits will be subject to payment of a $25.00 replacement fee. Payments should be made via the credit card payment page.
  • Following payment of the replacement card fee if applicable (replacement staff parking permits only), please complete the Replacement Parking Permit application (PDF 189.6 KB) form and return this form and receipt to Campus Services

Replacing a Lost or Damaged CBD Parking Access Card

Please contact Campus Services. We will cancel the lost or damaged card and issue a replacement card.