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Students & residents

There is a mix of parking available across University campuses and sites if you're getting to uni by car.  There's also dedicated resident parking if you live in University student accommodation.

The following information is provided as a guide. Please be aware that different parking arrangements may apply depending on where you're parking. Check out our parking precincts page for more details.

Free student parking

There are a limited number of free, student-only parking bays on the Sandy Bay and Newnham campuses. There's also free student parking at the West Park campus. To access these spaces you'll need a digital permit (ePermit).

If you're currently enrolled, you can apply for a student ePermit free of charge.

Student-permit parking bays are marked with red on-ground markers and are sign-posted as student permit parking. Your ePermit is not valid in any other parking zones.

Please be aware that the number of students visiting campus each day may exceed the number of spaces available so having an ePermit cannot guarantee you a space in these free student parking zones.

Students and visitors to campus can access paid parking by the hour. In University-operated on-campus parking facilities, these zones are indicated by the use of blue on-ground markers. You can pay for your parking using the EasyPark app.  It's free to use and available for download from the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.

Don't have a compatible phone for EasyPark? You can still pay for parking at one of the voucher machines located on campus or by calling EasyPark and using their interactive voice response (IVR) service.

Student parking for the Inveresk campus and Hobart CBD sites is generally provided by paid parking facilities operated by the relevant local council.

Students enrolled at the School of Creative Arts and Media (CAM) at Hunter Street in the Hobart CBD are eligible to apply for a Hunter Street Student ePermit. This ePermit is free of charge and entitles the holder to search for a parking space in the University of Tasmania-controlled car park only (entrance off Evans Street).

Students with a Hunter Street ePermit must have both a permit and pay for their parking session via the EasyPark App. Physical vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with the ePermit.

If you have a Hunter Street ePermit please be aware that:

  • you can only park in those spaces indicated by blue on-ground markers
  • the number of students visiting Hunter Street each day may exceed the number of spaces available, so holding an ePermit cannot guarantee you a space.

Sandy Bay or other University permits are not valid for the Hunter Street car park.

If you're a postgrad on campus full-time by virtue of your Australian Postgraduate Award or similar instrument, you can choose to apply for a paid staff ePermit instead of relying on free student parking or paid parking by the hour. A staff ePermit entitles you to park in any of the staff permit zones on campus (white on-ground markers).

Applications are made via the online digital permit management system. You'll need to apply as a staff member:

Please note: you'll need to elect to pay via a one-off up-front credit card payment in order for your application to be processed.

The University provides a limited number of residential parking spaces for residents across our campuses and sites, including:

  • Sandy Bay campus
  • Newnham campus
  • Inveresk campus
  • West Park campus
  • Hobart  Apartments (Melville Street, Hobart).

The application, approval and issue of Residential Parking Permits are managed by the Student Accommodation team. You are able to apply for a parking permit as part of your accommodation application, or contact the team Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm via or 1300 138 497 (option 1).

Holders of a residential permit are also entitled to park in any of the free, student-only parking zones on the Sandy Bay, Newnham and West Park campuses.

Please observe all notices include time restrictions and temporary signage as parking locations may change. If you live on campus and have visitors, please make sure your guests are aware of any parking restrictions and only park in visitor or unrestricted parking.

As well Permanent Disability Permit (ACROD) parking bays for holders of an Australian Disability Scheme Parking Permit, the University provides a number of Restricted Mobility Parking Permit (RMP) parking bays across campuses and sites.

RMP bays are standard-sized parking spaces suitable for people who, due to restricted mobility, need to park in close proximity to buildings and facilities but do not require complete walking aids such as wheelchairs. They are only issued for the period of the incapacity.

RMP spaces are identified by the use of yellow signs ('Restricted Mobility Permit Paring: Permit Required') and yellow on-ground markers.

There is no fee attached to RMPs or parking in either ACROD or RMP parking spaces. Applications for RMPs are received all year round.

Check out our parking FAQs page.