Unigym is a multi-purpose fitness centre located on the University of Tasmania Sandy Bay, Newnham and Burnie campuses.

The centres provide health and fitness services and sporting facilities for use by community members as well as University of Tasmania students and staff.

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Unigym Active Wellbeing Program

Our Active Wellbeing Program is now open for eligible students.

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Unigym HYPE Program

The HYPE Program is a collaborative initiative between UTAS Sport and Student Living, open to any student residing in student accommodation.

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  1. Please use a towel in the gym
    Best place for your towel is on the bench you plan to sit on. By using a towel during your workout, you are preventing the spread of bacteria, therefore protecting yourself and others.
  2. Wipe down equipment
    After use, spray the equipment down and wipe with paper towel to avoid the spread of bacteria. Alternatively, use the antibacterial wipes in stands situated in each area of the gym.
  3. Replace equipment after use
    Please respect the gym and other members by returning weights and equipment to the appropriate position/area once you have finished.
  4. Use your phone appropriately and respectfully
    Phones are great for music but not so great for taking sneaky pics or videos in the gym area. Pausing your reps when taking a call? Jump off the equipment so that someone else can jump in.
  5. Be courteous and respectful
    Work in with other members, share equipment and space. Be aware of your surroundings and if you're scrolling your newsfeed, free up the equipment so that someone else can use it in the meantime.