The Tasmanian devil appeal

Make a gift and secure the future of our Tasmanian devil.

To save the Tasmanian devil from possible extinction, our number one objective is to secure a population of healthy devils, away from disease, in zoos, wildlife parks and free range enclosures around Australia. We need to look after this population over the next 25-50 years, while continuing the fight to maintain devils in the wild.

We have successfully built a population of around 700 happy, healthy breeding devils. They are cared for in over 40 zoos and parks across Australia. A wild population of Tasmanian devils has also been established on Maria Island, a dedicated nature reserve. Healthy populations in protected peninsulas in Tasmania’s south have also been established.

Research into a possible vaccine continues, with trials in the wild now a reality. Find out more about Devil Vaccine Research.

All of these conservation projects will take millions of dollars: it costs around $7,000 to vaccinate, care and track the progress of devils participating in the vaccine trials. It can cost around $500 to house a devil for one month at a zoo.

You can help by making a tax deductible donation now to support:

  • $2,000 immunises a devil
  • $500 purchases a remote monitoring camera
  • $100 clears and prepares one metre of fence enclosure
  • $50 provides a health check for a devil

You can play your part in whatever way suits you best, knowing that every small contribution goes a long way towards helping to save this iconic Tasmanian animal.

100% of the funds raised by the Appeal go to the research and management activities that have been prioritised as important to the long-term solution to devil facial tumour disease and the aim to keep Tasmanian devils sustainable in the wild as well as to facilitate the educational and advocacy activities of the Appeal.

All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible and GST exempt in Australia.

Supporters of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal come from all walks of life. They are united by a vision to keep the Tasmanian devil a functioning species in the wild. Singers, songwriters, artists, large companies, small companies, motivated school -children, company sports teams, motorcycle clubs, biscuit makers, coffee producers and many others are donating their time, effort and money to this urgent cause.

We are extremely grateful to all of our donors, in particular the generous commitment shown by our Featured Supporters:

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal would like to recognise the significant support schools, foundations, sporting groups and the business community have given to the Appeal over the past years. Whether the support be a Black and White day event, morning tea or indeed a major commitment from your business or Foundation, we are incredibly grateful. Every donation we receive allows us to fund critical research and conservation projects for the Tasmanian devil. All donations over $200 are acknowledged.

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal would like to thank sincerely the nearly 200 donors who gave to the Appeal in 2016. By aligning yourself with the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal, you are actively putting up your hand to help us to save an iconic species from extinction. All donations over $200 are acknowledged.

Over the last few years, the Appeal has supported a range of key research and management projects. Without significant on-going support, this would not be possible. We thank everyone who has been a past supporter and encourage you to consider joining our journey to Save the Tasmanian devil once more:

Devil vaccine research

Our vision is to create a vaccine that will give Tasmanian devils lifelong protection from Devil Facial Tumour Disease.

2015 saw the start of the journey in the fight to secure the future for the Tasmanian devil has commenced. The creation of a vaccine will ensure a disease-free future for the Tasmanian devil living where it belongs, in the wild.

With losses of well over 80 percent of Tasmanian devils through contagious cancer - Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) - the future for the devil looked bleak.

However, during the past ten years of collaborative research and conservation programs, progress has been extraordinary. An Insurance Population has been established, the impact of the disease in the wild is monitored regularly and disease-free facilities to hold the species in wild and semi-wild populations have been built.

Investigation into the nature of DFTD and determining paths to halt the spread of the disease has progressed significantly. Researchers are now in the position to develop a vaccine, rekindling hopes of saving this iconic species in the wild.

The ambitious goal of vaccine development is now a reality. The next step is to validate the research and trial and refine the vaccine with 60 wild Tasmanian devils over the next three years. This research is a collaborative worldwide effort, being led by the University of Tasmania’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

Right now we have a historic opportunity to take a proactive role in securing the future for the Tasmanian Devil.

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