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Stride & Ride

Learning Level: Gr 6

Theme Area:

Description: 'Stride & Ride' - The class discussed the importance of physical activity as well as the importance of safety in these activities. The Grade 6 students worked together to organise a whole of school 'Stride and Ride' Day. They encouraged their peers and younger children in the school to consider active transport options such as their bike, scooter, skateboard or walking. Their choice of multiple forms of active transport shows an appreciation for diversity and the importance of encouraging participation in forms of physical activity that individuals enjoy. They also hosted a number of activities/games and alternative forms of "fun" physical activity amongst their peers (including Yoga, stretching, basketball, relays, handball). They encouraged parental attendance/engagement with their 'Stride & Ride' initiative and they placed an emphasis on enjoyment/fun associated with their event. The students also emphasised the importance of wearing a helmet as a safety measure in their campaign materials.

Measures of Success: Students completed an awareness campaign and shared their knowledge using promotional posters with their peers, other students across the school and with other members of their school community. Students provided evidence of citizenship through advocating for the importance of fun and safe physical activities for their school community.