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Phase 3: Induction

The Induction phase of the contractor management framework is the “induction” phase. This phase ensures the effective implementation of all the WHS requirements set and communicated to the contractor in the Engagement Documentation (as part of Phase 2 Selection and Engagement).

The key steps to this phase that must be undertaken include:

  • completing the induction requirements and initiating consultation process
  • attending a pre-mobilisation meeting (for Complex Contractors)

Induction Requirements

Before the contractor commences work the Contract Manager must complete any pre-start and consultation co-operation or co-ordination requirements (As per Example Consultation, Co-operations and Co-ordination activities table in Selection) and complete the induction process which were selected in the Induction Requirements table of Selection.

This should be conducted in accordance with the timing below.

Induction Timing

Contractor Classification

Local Induction

Contractor Induction

Contractor High Risk Work Induction

Basic (supervised)


Basic (unsupervised)




Project Specific Induction Established

Pre-Mobilisation Meeting for Complex Contractors

For all Complex Contractors the Contract Manager must ensure that the contractor attends the pre-mobilisation meeting and that any applicable WHS documentation, for example WHS Management Plans, SOPS/ SWMS are available and discussed during the meeting.

Discussions should include any interfacing requirements between University of Tasmania and the contractor for co-ordinating the management of safety of the interfaces between each parties’ operations. In additional to the Contract Manager, University representatives should also include relevant representatives from the ISD and WHS Teams.

Consultation, Co-ordination and Co-operation about Risk

Before any work begins for Specialist or Complex Contractors it is important to check that the contractor has conducted a WHS Risk Assessment for the work as part of their preparation, such as when preparing their SOPS or SWMS and to consult about these relevant risks as outlined in Table 4 above. The Contractor should consult with University of Tasmania in conducting this WHS Risk Assessment. ISD or the Contract Manager must verify that the controls measures identified are consistent with University’s minimum expectations identified in the ISD Operational Risk Register.

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