Broadening your horizons through a university degree can literally take you all over the world. 

From studying education in Sweden to international politics in the heart of Paris, the University of Tasmania offers a range of semester-based and short-term programs which allow students to gain an international experience as part of their tertiary studies.

Through the program students have the opportunity to live, study and experience life in another culture while earning credits towards their degree.

Bachelor of Business and ICT student Matthew Cornwell spent the first half of 2016 at Colorado State University completing four business subjects. 

Four countries, 16 states in the US and more than 20 plane rides later I can definitely say it was an incredible six months, Matthew said.

“All the exchange students, who were predominantly from Australia and New Zealand, became close friends and my weekends and travelling was mostly spent with them.

The shared experiences included a helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon, a boat ride at Niagara Falls, spring-break road trips starting from Las Vegas, the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a week in New York and exploring an underwater cave in Mexico.

I could honestly talk forever about how amazing the experience was and I recommend exchange to everyone.

The University of Tasmania has more than 160 partner institutes across 30 countries, including Europe, America, Mexico, Canada and Asia, where students can choose to either spend a semester or a year of their degree studying in English. 

There is also an extensive range of funding options available to support students, including funding through the Australian Government and University of Tasmania scholarships.

Have plan, will travel

One of the best opportunities for students to gain international experience as part of their studies is through one of the short-term New Colombo Plan (NCP) programs.

The programs are available each year, and range from studying sea ice ecosystems off the coast of Japan to tropical biodiversity in Sri Lanka.

NCP is an initiative of the Australian Government and aims to lift the knowledge of the Indo-Pacific region in Australia by supporting scholarships within the region.

Along with short-term programs the NCP also has an Elite Scholarship Program that provides generous scholarships of up to $67,000 to support eligible students to study in 38 eligible host countries, including China, Vietnam, India, Laos, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

Each NCP recipient is provided with a travel allowance, and health and travel insurance as well as a dedicated case manager.   

This year, five University of Tasmania students were awarded New Colombo Plan elite scholarships to support them with studies and an internship in South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

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