Do you want a job that gets you out of the office?

A degree in Agricultural Science gives you the opportunity to travel, work and provide innovative solutions to global problems.

There is growing demand for skilled Agricultural Science graduates, and the skills and knowledge you graduate with can see you working all over the globe, in both government and private sectors, indoors, outdoors, in the lab and in the field.

Max Weidenbach completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Tasmania and is now working as a Plantation Technical Forester with Tasmania’s largest private forest management company, Forico.

So, what does a plantation technical forester do?

Max is part of the Tasmanian North-East team and said his role is split between plantation management and research.

“One half of my job is to help manage site preparation. This involves working with contractors, following legislation and codes and making sure things are done to book and to budget,” Max said.

“The other half of my role is setting up and running research trials.”

Every day is different. In the morning I might be going out to sites that we’ve got operations on, meeting contractors, solving issues or following up to make sure all the forestry practice plans are on track.

“In the afternoon I’ll go out to a trial site and do tree measurements and soil samples.”

Max said he enjoys being outdoors and working with a range of people.

“The best thing is getting to be out in the bush in places I didn’t even know existed,” Max said.

“It’s really nice to have both office time and field time. It stops it from getting stale.”

Max graduated with Honours in Agricultural Science and said he and his fellow classmates all secured jobs quickly. 

I think that pretty much all of us picked up jobs in Tasmania, but I am the only one in forestry

“I think I got lucky. I had the right skills, for the right position, at the right time.”

Max was born in Tasmania and moved to the Northern Territory after finishing college.

I am so glad that I came back to Tasmania, it’s a great place to study ag science.

“There are heaps of different career paths and so many different sectors.”

Now more than ever, the world’s smartest and hardest-working people are needed to make agriculture sustainable, profitable and safe. And the job market reflects it: A degree in agriculture opens doors to an industry with four to five jobs for every grad.

The University of Tasmania has one of the highest ranked agricultural programs in the world. We offer numerous scholarships, access to hundreds of successful producers in Tasmania and beyond, and small, interactive classes.

If you want to improve your future—and the world’s—this is where you start.

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