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Tasmania will inspire the maker in you. It's a place where nature and culture, past and present, creativity and industry collide.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts


with recognised artists and practitioners. Develop your creative expression through projects guided by.


your creative expression through projects guided by individual interests.


inner-city studios and workshops, packed with modern and traditional equipment.

Study options in this degree

A major is an area of focus in your degree. During your studies, you’ll choose an area that interests you, and then study a group of units related to that area. Find out more at What is a Major?

In addition to our fine arts majors below, you may also wish to look at our Creative Arts and Health study options.

Drawing and printmaking build skills in observation and imagination, with works shaped by hand transformed in the materiality of print processes. Through observation and inventive making, you'll deepen your understanding of both practices. Develop skills in the traditional processes of woodcutting, etching, lithography and screen printing, complemented with the latest innovations in digital processes, laser cutting and installation.

Building on a history of excellence object making including furniture, the Object and Furniture studio introduces you to the principles, practice and processes of design and manufacture, incorporating a variety of techniques for conceptualising, developing and presenting design solutions. Learn to develop these skills, be inspired to work at the cutting-edge of object-based practice and produce effective and professional design solutions.

In the Painting studio, you'll engage with a variety of practices, ideas and skills. These will equip you with the confidence to express your ideas, develop your artistic practice and connect with a vibrant contemporary art world. You'll experiment with all of the possibilities that the medium has to offer.

The Photography studio allows you to explore and develop your own conceptual and visual potential, while challenging preconceived notions of the medium along the way. You'll also be introduced to technical skills using light-sensitive materials and camera-generated images. Everything you learn will further the individual expression of your concepts.

Explore the frontiers of art and create brave new experiences. Explore how sculptural practice and creative technology can come together using vision, sound, space, and the dimension of time. Whether it unfolds online or in a cinema, through speakers or in a real-world space, time-based media is the dominant form of communication today.

Further study options

For honours course information, please visit Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours

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Career opportunities

This empowering, hands-on Fine Arts experience gives you specialist skills that can be applied to a range of exciting contexts and careers. These are some of the top careers projected to grow in the next five years.


Graphic Designers
and Illustrators

Projected increase by 2024^



Projected increase by 2024^


Visual Arts

Projected increase by 2024^

^ ABS Labour Force Survey, National Skills Commission trend data to May 2019 and projections to 2024.

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