Social Work

Now more than ever, social workers are needed to improve lives and combat inequality.

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Bachelor of Social Work with Honours

Strong graduate outcomes

74.4% of recent University of Tasmania of Social Work (Honours) graduates found full-time employment.

Social justice and human rights advocate

Respond to social justice and human rights challenges

Learn in a highly interactive and supportive environment

Our program provides a highly interactive and supportive learning environment in each region of Tasmania.

Make a difference to peoples lives

Now more than ever compassionate and engaged social workers are needed to help improve the life and wellbeing of people and to combat societal inequality.

Social Workers need skills to respond meaningfully to social problems. Our courses are developed with comprehensive industry consultation to reflect current and emerging trends in the profession.

During your studies, you’ll develop advanced knowledge of social work research principles and methods. You’ll also participate in supervised field education placements, and be encouraged to take part in additional projects and research with communities and industry.

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Career opportunities

Careers relating to Social Work are growing across many industries. Health care and social assistance is projected to grow 15% by May 2024.^^ Here are some of the top careers projected to grow in the next five years.^


Social and Welfare

Predicted job growth to 2025


Welfare Workers

Predicted job growth to 2025



Predicted job growth to 2025

^ National Skills Commission five year projections from November 2020 to November 2025.
^^ ABS Labour Force Survey, National Skills Commission trend data to May 2019 and projections to 2024.

Becoming an agent for change

Coby studied Social Work and completed a placement at Child Protection Services

“The social work program at the University of Tasmania has equipped me with necessary skills, valuable knowledge and practical experiences to become an agent of positive change. Thanks to the learning and training I received in the program, I successfully landed a permanent full-time job at a Government TAFE in Melbourne, supporting international students with their welfare needs and counselling.”

Coby's story