Applied Health and Community Support

The Health and Community Services industry requires people who understand their communities, empathise with and understand individual needs, and work across sectors to create solutions that provide consumers with the services and support they require.

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Associate Degree in Applied Health and Community Support

Dedicated local staff

Taught by dedicated local staff with extensive professional experience and networks in health and community services

Develop job ready skills

Undertaking projects in our virtual community that emulates real-world conditions.

Broaden your career horizions

Develop skills, knowledge, and confidence relevant to a wide range of roles within health and community services.

Help make a difference in your community

If you have an interest in supporting health, disability, mental health, aged care, youth and family, indigenous health, and community services, this course will help you to develop the knowledge and skills that underpin roles across all of these areas. It is designed both for those already working in the sector, to add qualifications to your experience or help you progress in your organisation, as well as those looking to start a health and community support career.

You will complement a suite of core subjects covering a breadth of topics with a specialist stream in Support Systems and Services. You can also customise your degree towards your career of choice through elective units.

Study options in this degree

This stream will introduce you to the way in which health, social and community services are organised, integrated, funded and governed in Australia. Units will enhance your knowledge of regulatory systems that govern service delivery, reporting and industry accreditation, as well as the foundations of wellbeing for individuals, families and communities, and contemporary sector practices.

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Career opportunities

The care and support workforce has grown three times faster than total employment across the Australian economy, and demand for skilled people to fill these roles is projected to double by 2049-50*.

Our courses provide you with an opportunity to become part of this vital industry, both with or without prior experience. They can also help you accelerate your progression and/or promotion within your current organisation, or open up new career paths and opportunities.

Graduates have found rewarding careers across a wide range of health and community support roles in voluntary, private, not-for-profits, non-government, and government organisations. These include team leaders, coordinators, supervisors, service managers, coaches, service navigators, and community development/engagement officers.

You may also find a career in direct service roles such as physical health, rural health, and mental health, or look to become a service broker, service planner, project manager, project officer, consultant, or administrator. Industries can include occupational, corporate, or community health and wellbeing.

*National Skills Commission - Care Workforce Labour Market Study 2021.


Welfare, Recreation and Community Arts Workers

Increase projected by 2024


Health and Welfare
Services Managers

Increase projected by 2024


Health and Welfare
Support Workers

Increase projected by 2024