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Creating a smoke-free university

Why we’re going smoke free

The University of Tasmania has been on a journey since 2014 working toward becoming a smoke-free campus. In 2018 we made our first step towards achieving this by creating designated smoking bays, the final step in this plan, to become fully smoke free, was to be implemented in 2020 but had to be paused due to COVID. We are now implementing the final stage of this plan to become a fully smoke-free university.

We want to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone. To support this, smoking and vaping will no longer be permitted on any of our campuses.

This includes buildings, properties, grounds and vehicles. It also applies to everyone on campus, including staff, students, visitors and contractors.

Many of our campuses are already smoke free. However, we’ll no longer provide any designated smoking areas after 5 July.

A more sustainable university

By reducing our impact on the environment, a smoke-free campus supports our commitment to sustainability. It also puts us closer to our goal of becoming a gold STAR ranked university.

The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STAR) approach focuses on our physical health, as well as the environment. More information on our commitment to sustainability and how you can get involved is available on our Sustainability Vision and Mission page.

When is the University of Tasmania going smoke free?

At the end of June 2021, all designated smoking bays will be removed from campuses.

On 5 July 2021, we will have transitioned to being a fully smoke-free university.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us via the Staff Services Portal or by phone, students you can email us too:

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Telephone Safety and Wellbeing Team: +61 3 6226 6298

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