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Children's University Tasmania

Extending learning beyond the classroom

What we do

Children's University Tasmania works in partnerships with schools to help foster a love of life-long learning in children and young people.

Who it's for

Children's University is for children and young people between the ages of 7-14. Each member of Children's University is issued with a Passport to Learning where they keep a record of their learning. At the end of each year children are awarded with a certificate at a formal graduation to recognise and celebrate their achievement.

Why we do it

Research shows that participation in a range of extra-curricular learning enhances students' academic achievements and increases their ambitions to learn. Rich and diverse learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom helps build self-confidence and resilience and positively impacts education attainment.

How we do it

We do this by encouraging and celebrating a diverse range of extra-curricular learning experiences in and outside school.

Children's University works in partnership with local educational and learning providers to offer a range of rich and rewarding experiences. We work with Learning Destinations such as community groups, sports clubs and cultural and natural history organisations like art galleries, wildlife centres and museums to offer a participant a variety of online and face-to-face activities. In addition to these Learning Destinations, we also offer a range of resources and activities for children to do at home or as part of an extra-curricular program at school.

Sample our Learning Destinations Sample our online activities


Georgia Sutton - Children's University Tasmania Coordinator


General enquiries:


Claire Robertson - Regional Lead (North)


Jesse Brennan - Regional Lead (North-West)

Belinda Chapman - Regional Lead (North-West)



Sean Stevenson - Regional Lead (South)

West Coast

Belinda Martin - Regional Lead (West Coast)