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University Connections Program (UCP)

A partnership between the University of Tasmania, Tasmanian Schools and the Office of Tasmanian Assessment Standards and Certification (TASC), the University Connections Program (UCP) provides a unique opportunity for year 11 and 12 students to undertake introductory university units specifically designed for senior secondary students.

The Program provides great opportunities to extend and expose students to new subject areas and learning opportunities. The Program is offered in partnership with schools and senior secondary colleges. Individual University of Tasmania colleges and schools deliver programs within the overarching UCP structure.

For further information on the benefits of studying under the University Connections Program, please watch this short video.

Download our 2024 UCP handbook (PDF 1.0 MB)

Download our 2024 UCP unit offerings (PDF 75.8 KB)

Download our 2024 UCP unit offerings (PDF 75.8 KB)

UCP units vary in how they are delivered. Most are delivered in schools while our extension units are delivered through a combination of online and independent study supported by on-campus workshops. This means you get the opportunity to come to university and attend classes with our lecturers.

Full university units

Full university units help you gain TCE points and can be included in the calculation of your ATAR. On successful completion of a full university unit, your result will be considered for inclusion among your best five results in the calculation of your ATAR.

Some units are offered by the University of Tasmania and are taught in place of – or to fill a gap within – the TASC curriculum. These have no direct correlation with a Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certification (TASC) level 3 or level 4 “pre-tertiary” subject. These units are known as ‘full university units’.

You can find more information in the UCP and ATAR section in this booklet. A summary of student results will also be provided to your school/college. Since 2016, UCP full university unit results are scaled like other level 3/4 TASC subjects.

  • TCE points: Yes
  • ATAR score: Yes
  • University result: Yes
  • TCE points: No
  • ATAR score: No
  • University result: Yes

Performance project units

Performance project units recognise academic endeavours through on-stage roles in major college music theatre productions or playing in the supporting band/orchestra.

You’ll need to commit to a school production through rehearsal attendance and contribute significantly through individual and ensemble work.

Successful students can count the unit towards their TCE, but you will not receive
a contribution to your ATAR score.

  • TCE points: Yes
  • ATAR score: No
  • University result: Yes

Extension units

Some units are known as ‘extension units’. These are offered in close alignment with a TASC level 2 or 3 pre-tertiary subject. They extend your knowledge and experience beyond the linked pre-tertiary subjects. For example, our Learning through Work unit is designed for students studying Learning through Internship 2, while our Primer in Marine and Antarctic Studies unit is a perfect subject for those studying Environmental Science, Physical Science or Biology, but would like to know more about their respective interest area.

You'll also receive a result for the UCP Extension Unit that can be accessed through the University of Tasmania online portal at The result you receive for a UCP Extension Unit does not contribute to your ATAR but it may contribute to your future university studies.

I am a new UCP student (new to UTAS)

If you are a new student, e.g. you have never studied at the University of Tasmania before, please click on this tab - this will take you to the relevant form. Please proceed with filling out this form and submitting as per the instructions.

I am a returning UCP student (have studied at UTAS before)

If you are a returning student, e.g. you have studied at the University of Tasmania before within the UCP or other programs, please click on this tab.

Application and admission

The first step towards application and admission is for you to choose the unit you wish to enrol in. Information on the programs available can be found in this handbook.

In addition, university staff may visit schools to provide information and advice on the college programs. It’s important to discuss your choices with parents, carers and teachers to explore your eligibility and how the program will fit with your TCE study

How to apply

Step 1 - Choose

Choose the unit/s you would like to study from the 2024 University of Tasmania College unit offerings:

Step 2 - Apply

Guides on how to complete the online application to the UCP can be found via accessing the following resources:

Step 3 - Complete the Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF)

The eCAF form is to ensure that students receive a scholarship to cover their tuition fees. If this form is not completed and submitted, your enrolment cannot proceed.

After your online application has been received, you’ll be sent a link to complete
the eCAF online.


After the completed application and documentation has been approved by the University, you’ll be enrolled in the relevant program in your chosen units. You're encouraged to submit your application early in the 2024 school year. It's recognised that some units start later in the year (for example the Arts, Music and Performance units).

All forms must be returned by a final census date. Census dates for individual units of study will be communicated to schools. The eStudent Centre is the University student portal where you can view your enrolment, update personal details, and access results. Every student is issued with an email account and password details in order to access the online student portal and university email information.

Instructions will be included in the information sent to students with their ID card. Students will also be given information on how to access and use eStudent Centre including an online eTour to familiarise themselves with the online process.

Can I get assistance with my application if I'm having problems?

Yes, please contact and let us know if you need further support or are having difficulties.

What are the benefits of the University Connections Program?

Academic Challenge

The program is designed to engage and challenge students by providing an opportunity to enrol and participate in new university led subjects. Students may extend and enhance their TCE studies by undertaking in greater depth a particular subject or discipline area of interest.

A taster of university while still at school

Our University Connections Program students have a valuable chance to experience some of the wider aspects of university life while maintaining progress towards the TCE. Our UCP students get to experience different teaching styles and learning approaches at our University, build knowledge and skills for university all the while studying at the school, Rather than going to the university, the university comes to them!

By studying a UCP unit alongside your other TCE subjects, you can expand your knowledge and get a jump start on University!

No Course Costs

Australian and permanent resident students undertaking University subjects under the University Connections Program will not incur any course costs. There may, however, be some costs associated with studying such as textbooks and other learning materials.

Credit towards a UTAS degree

University Connections Program units successfully completed may be credited to a relevant degree when the student enrols at the University of Tasmania. Credit provides two advantages: students have the option of accelerating through their degree, or they can take on additional subjects to extend their study program.

  • The opportunity to complete University units while in Year 11/12. These units can contribute to Associate Degree or Degree programs or Diplomas that add value to professional qualifications.
  • No fees. All UCP units for domestic students are covered by a scholarship.
  • International students may also be eligible for a tuition fee waiver or discount.
  • A unique introduction to tertiary study that can assist in further education choices, and in an easier, less stressful transition to university.

Full UTAS unit results are submitted in early December to TASC for purposes of calculation of TES and ATAR. Full UTAS unit internal results will normally be available in late November of each year, however these marks then need to be submitted to TASC for scaling purposes.

Extension Unit results are made available in late January of the year following enrolment and completion.

Performance Project unit results are also made available in mid-late December.

All UCP students are enrolled as UTAS students and need to check their emails regularly and access their results through the UTAS eStudent online portal.

Note that UCP students do not receive individual letters or academic transcripts of their units unless they have made specific arrangements with the academic coordinator for this purpose.

A Collaboration between the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian Assessment, Standards & Certification (TASC) allows results in some UCP units to be counted towards the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) in Tasmania.

The ATAR is based on the best five results in TASC level 3 or 4 courses and may include full university units of the UCP. Full university units of the UCP typically count for the same credit as TASC level 3 courses, although several are about half as much as a TASC level 3 course (i.e. they are 12.5% university units). In order to provide for the inclusion of any 12.5% university units in the calculation of your ATAR, all TASC level 3 or 4 subjects you have completed have their score halved. Each half score is then deemed to be the “equivalent” of a 12.5% university unit. The best 10 half scores (with at least 6 in Year 12) are then selected to determine the ATAR.

Please note: students who reside outside of Tasmania should contact their home state’s Tertiary Admission Centre for advice on the possible inclusion of results from their study at the University of Tasmania in the calculation of an ATAR.

All information relating to the ATAR and current University of Tasmania arrangements with TASC should be read in conjunction with the following resources: 

Understanding the ATAR (PDF) as well as the ATAR webpage

Are UCP unit results scaled?

Yes. Scaling is calculated and applied each year to all eligible UCP unit results. The scaling process is determined and managed by TASC and is applied to all accredited senior secondary courses at TASC level 3 or 4 and to High Achiever and University Connections Program units. For more information about scaling, please see the TASC website.

All other enquiries should be directed via email to

Do UCP units count towards the Tasmanian Certificate of Education?

Yes, all successfully completed UCP units count towards the Tasmanian Certificate of Education. A full year UCP unit will receive 15 TCE points.

However, UCP units do not provide TCE ticks for literacy, numeracy or ICT. Please check your TASC TCE planner for more information.

“Each assignment challenged me in a unique way, which in turn helped me to improve. I really enjoyed being able to refine my research skills and construct arguments which I had struggled with before”. (Sam)

“The UCP definitely helped me to decide on my future university pathway”. (Lily)

“The (UCP) subject was one of the best at College, I got to pursue an area I was really interested and felt really prepared for Uni”. (Max)

"The program was very informative and useful to my studies, and I found the workload extremely manageable with classes a month apart and sparse assignments". (Shea)

"This course was extremely valuable for improving my music performance skills and technique. The fact that it is a tertiary course pushed me to improve and helped me to recognise areas that required work and I found that working towards the final recital gave me motivation and direction. The critique writing and other assignments were very good for extending my musical knowledge as well as the many performance opportunities I was given". (Claire)

"I got a lot out of the course and learnt a lot – it really has helped me to find a future career pathway". (Joseph)

"Really enjoyed the unit, and found that it added to not only my understanding of my college subject, but to my understanding about university expectations and processes". (India)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Any student who is enrolled in Year 11 or 12 is encouraged to apply.

Am I able to repeat or retake a UCP unit to attempt/achieve a higher mark?

  • Unfortunately, under current legislation it is not possible for a student to re-take units of study as a Commonwealth supported student for which they have received a pass grade or better.

What facilities and services are available to support participants?

  • Schools and colleges provide academic and student support.
  • University staff will provide a program of study, resources, workshops and academic assistance.
  • Participation in the program also entitles students to access University facilities and services such as internet and email access, library use and discounted UniGym membership. See the Current Students website for more information.

Will I be required to submit assignments and sit exams?

  • You will be required to undertake all prescribed assessments for UCP units in the same way as if you were a regular University student. Depending on the unit, you may be required to submit assignments by the due date and/or sit exams during the assigned exam period along with your fellow class members.

How will my units contribute to my TCE and/or ATAR?

  • Please see the tab 'UCP and the ATAR'.

Cost of the UCP

  • All domestic students studying University Connections Program units are covered by a scholarship. This is an average saving of approximately $1600 per 25% unit.
  • Domestic students will need to cover the costs of any textbooks/stationery required within their unit and/or costs associated with attending workshops.
  • International students may also be eligible for tuition fee waiver or discount.
  • International students will need to cover the costs of any textbooks/stationery required within their unit and/or costs associated with attending workshops.
  • UCP students will need to complete a Commonwealth Assistance Form. Refer to the UCP Guide to completing the eCAF form (PDF 503.1 KB).

Please contact

All general enquiries should be sent to

Further Questions/Need Advice?

  • We advise that you initially discuss the possibility of enrolling in the University Connections Program with the relevant teacher at your college.