Office of Research Services

Integrity and Ethics

Research Integrity

The University of Tasmania is dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes responsible and ethical research conduct.

The University encourages integrity in research by supporting research that is built on a commitment to honesty, objectivity, accuracy and lawfulness.

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Animal Welfare and Ethics

All University affiliated research and teaching involving the use of non-human vertebrate animals and cephalopods must be reviewed and approved by the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC).
The AEC is responsible for the review of all animal based research and teaching at UTAS; the education and training of stakeholders; the monitoring of approved research; and, the registration and monitoring of approved animal holding and experimentation facilities. 

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Human Research Ethics

Ethical approval by a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) is required for all research involving humans, their tissue or data.
In Tasmania, the ethical review of research is conducted by the Human Research Ethics Committee (Tasmania) Network, on behalf of the University of Tasmania and the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Education, Training and Resources

The Research Integrity and Ethics Unit (RIEU) aims to support you to produce ethically sound and high quality research.

RIEU staff are available to assist with all aspects of research ethics and governance issues.
Please find out MORE about our staff, our education and training programs and our ethics policies and procedures.

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