Consulting services

CSAW provides product development and testing services for timber and other materials as well as expert assessment services for existing timber buildings and structures.

Product development and testing

We provide product development, digital manufacturing, and testing services for timber and other materials to Australian and international standards

CSAW’s team of architects, engineers, industrial designers, and technical specialists can work with companies and businesses to test their products or develop innovative timber construction materials and component combinations and then test the results at our Launceston or Hobart facilities.

Our team provides testing services covering:

  • Material characterisation
  • Structural capacity of board and EWPs
  • The physical properties of building components and materials
  • Condition surveys and monitoring

See our capacity statement here (PDF 176KB).

Contact us on 1300 041 766 if you want to discuss other testing and development options.

Building assessment

Our specialist team can survey and assess existing timber-rich buildings and advise on their condition, likely performance, and remediation.

We work with building owners and design professionals to advise on building condition surveys and evaluations, assess the condition of existing timber structures and heritage buildings, and propose appropriate remediation.

With expertise in the heritage and development of timber structural systems, our team can deploy traditional and innovative techniques to understand, protect and preserve culturally and historically important timber buildings.

Contact us on 1300 041 766 if you want to discuss building assessment options.