Our people


Greg Nolan is a Professor at the University of Tasmania's School of Architecture and Design in its School of Technology, Environment and Design. He is also the Director of the University's Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood, a multidisciplinary research and development group that aspires to be a national leader in sustainable architectural design, building and applications with wood.

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Dr Louise Wallis is a Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Design. She teaches in design studio and communications, and researches design pedagogy and architectural education. She is particularly interested in how students may learn design thinking skills and processes through different teaching approaches and curriculum design.

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Dr Mark Dewsbury is passionate about sustainability and has been involved in the sustainable design of commercial and residential buildings in the public and private sectors for more than 20 years.

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Azin is a research fellow in Timber design and production. She did the PhD in Structural Timber Engineering with the focus on developing laminated structural products, specifically cross-laminated timber panel with plantation hardwoods.

Gary has recently taken the role as Tasmania’s first Wood Encouragement Officer. He will collaborate with industry stakeholders to identify and facilitate project opportunities that increase the use of timber and wood products. As a registered Architect who has worked on multiple projects involving the use of timber, Gary has a passion for seeing Tasmanian timber used in the built environment.

Dr Nathan Kotlarewski is an experienced researcher and timber design specialist with a demonstrated history of timber product innovation to commercialisation, digital fabrication, and mass timber production.

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Jon is a passionate structural engineer providing research, consultancy and educational services in timber engineering as Director of TimberED Services. He is also Associate Professor in Timber Engineering at University of Tasmania. He has 20 years’ experience in engineering design and timber engineering research.

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Dr Taoum is a lecturer in civil and strucural engineering at the University of Tasmania.  He has a strong background in consulting and was involved in the structural design and construction of commercial and residential buildings as well as infrastructure projects in three different countries.

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Dr Kyra Wood is an experienced design academic and research project manager with a professional background in architecture and design. Her current research focusses on timber design and production for regenerative architecture at the University of Tasmania’s Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood. She works regularly with partners in the Australian timber and construction industries as well as several interstate and overseas research institutions.

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HDR students

Liqun (Antonia) Guan is a PhD candidate whose research focusses on a hygrothermal and bio-hygrothermal analysis of Australian housing, with an interest in building performance to research buildings from the inside out, and to understand architecture from both creative and technical perspectives. She also works as a research assistant to deliver reports to the government and related organisations.

Jian is a chartered structural engineer. She is currently a PhD candidate working on the development of glulam from fibre-managed E.nitens.

Yingwei Liang (Vic) is a PhD candidate in CSAW, investigating the serviceability performance of cross-laminated timber constructed from fibre-managed Eucalyptus nitens. His research is focusing on vibration and creep performances of this new type of CLT, utilizing his professional skills and knowledge from structural engineering.

Kuluni Plumika Millanlyage

Kuluni Millaniyage is a PhD candidate at CSAW with a wood science and forestry background. Her research looks at the potential of using low density plantation timber in value-added engineered flooring applications. As a part of her research she has developed several novel engineered flooring prototypes with Tasmanian plantation Eucalyptus nitens and tested their performance in laboratory and in-service trials. Her research is a combination of science and design iterations focused on a sustainable end-user product for the Australian flooring industry.

Hasini Perera

Ms. Hasini Perera is a PhD candidate at the School of Engineering, Sandy Bay Campus. She started her career at UTAS last year where she is doing her research on the impact of engineered wood products made from Tasmanian hardwood on indoor air quality.

Jack Tan Soo Kang is a registered Architect from Singapore with 25+ experience in overseas architectural practice. He is currently undertaking his PhD research study in lightweight, healthy and energy-efficient buildings in a temperate climate with Dr Mark Dewsbury and Dr Phillipa Watson at UTAS.

Zhigian Zhong

Ms Zhiqian Zhong is a PhD candidate in the UTAS School of Engineering. Her project is about developing engineered timber products using Tasmanian hardwood, with a particular focus on the performance of connection systems.