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Balancing study while balancing the books

Accountant Hannah Richardson studied Business while developing her career.

Studying while working can be tricky, but accountant Hannah Richardson is used to balancing the books.

Hannah studied her Bachelor of Business and Economics part-time while working for Preece Martin Accountants in Launceston.

“I love the different jobs you get and the different clients that you get to meet. I’ve been able to help clients use the right software too. I love that side of things.”

As a Year 12 student, Hannah realised she was interested in accounting. When school ended, she applied to work at Preece Martin and was successful.

I’d already made the decision I was going to stay local in Tassie. My family’s all here and I didn’t have a reason to leave.

“I started studying two subjects per semester and working three days per week. Work was really flexible when I needed time off for study, or time on when I had breaks.

“I did a lot of study online, but my on-campus classes were great, and I met a few girls who are working in accounting firms now.

“Taxation and auditing were probably the two subjects that were necessary for what I’m doing now in my job,” Hannah said.

Taxation and auditing were probably the two subjects that were necessary for what I’m doing now in my job.

“Particularly with auditing there were correlations between work and study, and it was good to know I was learning the right things.”

Hannah said her teachers were great, and one of them, Anne-Marie Martin, is now her colleague at Preece Martin.

“I still have contact with a couple of them. I see them as the reason I’m here.

“From what I’ve experienced so far, the business network in Launceston is growing. There’s resources everywhere.”

Hannah has lived in Launceston since the age of eight, and she truly loves her city.

You appreciate what’s here, even just going for a walk to the gorge, and the short drive distances to other areas, like Christmas Hills and to the coast.

“I love coming back to Launceston, because going away I realise how much I love home.”

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