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Home is where the art is

For Rhi Bryce, Tasmania isn’t just her home – it’s also an inspiration.

When it came time for Rhi Bryce to consider moving interstate to study, she gave it some serious thought – for about two seconds. 

“I wanted to be close to Tassie,” she says of her decision.

“It feels like home to me and makes me feel comfortable.”

In addition to having family down here, Tasmania also plays another important role in Rhi’s life – her art is heavily influenced by the local landscape.

I’ve looked into studying in Melbourne or Sydney, but Tassie really appeals to me. I do a lot of native floral work, so nature is a big inspiration.

“I’m really enjoying doing murals at the moment, and I’m really curious as to where they’ll take me.”

Studying Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania has allowed Rhi to develop her creative practice faster and further than she could her on her own.

I’ve always done art because of the visual appeal of it – I’d draw something because it looked pretty. But art school has really helped me think for more deeply about why I’m doing something.

“That’s something I never really thought about prior to going to uni, but now when I'm creating I think a little bit more about the conceptual idea behind the artwork – which I think creates a lot more depth.”

Rhi also credits the staff at the University for challenging her work and ultimately making her a better artist. 

“I’ve often stuck with what I’ve wanted to do, and later realised it wasn’t as good as it could have been.”

“But if I listen to what the teachers are actually saying I often come out with a completely different outcome than I would’ve if I’d stayed in the safe zone.”

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