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6 reasons to study Project Management

Studying project management can lead to a fulfilling career, or just brush up on your organisation skills.


Knowing how to successfully manage a project from start to finish can be the difference between success and failure. It is an increasingly in-demand skill and studying it can boost a career in any industry.

Project management is as broad as the potential projects it manages, from making it a career as a Certified Project Officer, to effectively tackling and managing projects within normal team environments, to learning to manage workload, deadlines and organisation in general.

There are many reasons to study project management, whether you’re seeking a career as a Project Officer, or just want to learn new and build on project planning skills. The Project Planning short course offered online by the University of Tasmania provides an excellent introduction to rich and fulfilling world of project management. Here are the top six of the many reasons to study project management.

1. There is a strong demand/ skill shortage

A search on in December 2019 listed over 31,000 jobs related to the words ‘project management’, so there's no shortage of jobs in this field. Learning how to effectively manage a project is becoming an essential and transferable skill and is becoming increasingly in-demand across all industries.

2.There are a variety of industries it applies to (e.g. IT, manufacturing, construction)

Project managers are required in every industry, including in the Government sector and small-to-medium enterprises, covering a wide range of job roles that require project management skills. A career in project management could take you anywhere, including the capacity to work as a consultant and be your own boss. With the Project Planning short course, you could go on to complete all four short courses in project management and become a certified Project Officer with the Institute of Project Management. It can also be a pathway into a business degree at the University.

3. It is a skill highlighted by employers

Most employees are asked at some point to work on a specific activity that has a deadline – project management knowledge and methodologies ensure you meet the employer’s requirements. Having the capacity to manage projects as they arise shows initiative and can give you the edge when in the increasingly competitive job market.

4. Improves your productivity at work

Project management provides you with a range of tools and techniques that you can apply in your work role to ensure that you are more productive and more able to meet the required deadlines. It doesn't have to relate directly to projects, it could be improving your day to day organisation with new tools and tricks taught in the short course.

5. Improves your career advancement opportunities

Project management is a skill that enables you to operate at a higher level, as it incorporates aspects of teamwork and leadership. Being able to effectively organise and carry out high level projects and holding qualifications in this area can help you advance your career. Being a qualified Project Officer can also add another feather to your cap.

6. Provides an opportunity to be at the forefront of exciting projects

Your knowledge of project management means that your employer can look to you to be part of, or deliver, the various workplace projects that are necessary in organisations. Project management gives you the skills to identify and spearhead projects, meaning you have the capacity to improve your workplace and outputs. Identifying issues in the workplace and having the capacity to change them is a core part of project management.

The Project Management: Project Planning short course at the University of Tasmania is a free online course which provides an excellent introduction to project management, introducing you to the first steps of project management, such as how to build your business case, effectively scope your project, and proven methods to identify and mitigate potential risks.

Register now for the Project Planning free Short Course and see where project management takes you. Register on our short courses website.