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Engineering a fresh start as a master of her profession

Upgrading her engineering qualifications at the University of Tasmania was a life-changer for Kruti Patel.

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Kruti Patel moved to Tasmania from western India with her husband in early 2020, hoping to find work as a civil engineer.

She had a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from a university in India, as well as two years of experience working in the field as a civil engineer, and one year teaching as a lecturer in an engineering college.

Yet Kruti found it difficult to apply for a job in Tasmania.

“I started applying for various roles in my field but there were no positive responses due to a lack of local experience,” Kruti said.

In order to increase her academic knowledge, as well as her experience in the local industry, she enrolled in the Master of Professional Engineering (Civil and Structural) course at the University of Tasmania.

“There are only a few universities in Australia which provide a master’s degree in Structural Engineering,” Kruti said. “I liked all the subjects and the content of the University of Tasmania’s course.

“Their course is constantly evolving as per market needs and technological advances. And the University of Tasmania has a terrific reputation in the industry.”

Kruti Patel studied her Master of Professional Engineering (Civil and Structural) at the University of Tasmania.

Kruti said she enjoyed the lifestyle of studying in Hobart as well as the high levels of support for students.

“Lecturers here are very friendly, and they devote their attention to listening to your problems and advice on what is best for you and your career. All the lecturers are highly experienced people from whom you can gain much experience and knowledge.

“And during my semester breaks, I visited the East Coast, Bruny Island, Port Arthur, Cradle Mountain, and many other beautiful places. I am enjoying my stay in the Island state, and the local produce.”

Kruti found there was plenty of assistance to become job-ready during her studies, as well as opportunities to integrate herself in the community at a professional and human level.

I am always eager to help the community and meet new people, and the University of Tasmania provides numerous volunteer opportunities. I volunteered for an event named ‘Science in the Dark’, where we encouraged children toward science.

Kruti Patel

“I constantly applied to numerous jobs and I was invited for some interviews. The Career Connect team at the University gave me elite preparation for all the interviews via one-on-one consultation.”

And during the 2021-22 summer break, Kruti saw that hard work pay off in the form of an internship with civil engineering firm GHD in Hobart. Not only was it valuable work experience in the local industry, but it has also led to ongoing contact with the company and the broader industry.

“My internship with GHD was a fantastic experience. Most of my seniors were University of Tasmania alumni, some with more than 15-20 years of experience.

“Working with GHD has polished my technical skills, and the people I was engaged with were very helpful and encouraging. The best part of the internship was working on actual design tasks associated with the project, which allowed me to network with the civil engineering community.”

Kruti said the internship allowed her to peek into what her engineering career would look like after graduating, and was an insight into the sorts of projects she could be working on in Tasmania. And it has even led to a job offer.

“I got a chance to work in different areas of my field like structures, dams, and transportation which allowed me to broaden my career scope. They had seen my hard work and perseverance during my internship, so they offered me a part-time role during my semesters and a graduate role once I graduated.”

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