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Media studies give Bronwyn’s passion a voice

University studies have empowered Bron to bring her passions to fruition.


“I didn’t have a very traditional path to University” reveals Bronwyn Lisson, final year Bachelor of Media and Communication student and co-host of Two Tassie Chicks Podcast.

But now, with six months remaining of her degree, Bron is looking to her future in Tasmania’s media industry.

Making a name as the talent behind the mic, the 26-year-old podcast producer and co-host is proud not to have the classic 'personality type' to chase a role in the media.

“I’m a self-professed introverted extrovert,” Bron laughs.

“I love musical theatre, drama and performance, but I’m more interested in being the stagehand. The person behind the scenes who pulls it all together."

Like many college graduates, Bron remembers leaving year 12 feeling uncertain about her career. However, after a couple years working interstate, gaining life experiences and finding her feet, the chance to move back to Tasmania in 2020 inspired her to give her creative passions a go.

“When I moved home, I found myself gravitating towards writing. I loved the idea of being a writer, so with the sudden spare time I decided to write all sorts of stories.

“I also remember finding some old journals from when I was younger. I’d written down a goal to become a journalist, so I think the interest has been with me the whole time,” Bronwyn reflected.

Bron initially felt some hesitation starting her journey as a mature aged student, but any doubts quickly changed to motivation after taking the Screen Cultures unit in her first semester.

“The unit is all about media self-identity. What stood out to me was the academia on social media, and why we portray ourselves in certain ways.”

“Learning about identity was fascinating. And it’s so much more than just how you appear and what you choose to put into the world.”

“It’s one of the many units we draw from in our podcast. Grier and I use the theory from our studies to unpack the social science behind big topics like this.”

Bronwyn is making a name as a rising star in the Tasmanian media industry.

Bronwyn is now the associate producer of Butterfly: Let’s Talk Podcast as well as the co-host of her own show, and is looking to expand her skills into print media. She credits her early career success to the strong bonds she formed with her teachers.

“I met my boss Sam Ikin when he guest lectured in our public relations unit. I reached out to him with the encouragement of my lecturer.

“Thanks to him, I’ve learned to much about production and interviewing. Not just how it applies to podcasts.

“I don’t know if I’d be in the same position if I was in a larger cohort. I’m not usually the one to put myself forward, but with the smaller classes it feels easy to get that kind of attention. Your teachers really want to see you succeed.”

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