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Manual of Syllabuses

The Syllabus is like a curriculum or the "building blocks" of a program of study. It outlines, in detail, all the skills that should be acquired in each area of study for each level of assessment.

The information contained in the syllabus is presented from most general through to most specific. Be sure to check out the general information at the front of the manual as well as the more specialised information at the top of your chapter; the guidance for each level; and finally the individual requirements pertaining to the grade.

All of these sections include valuable information on things Technical Work, repertoire, Aural Tests, Sight-Reading, General Knowledge, the length of exam programs, resources available, and so much more.

Even if your students are not taking exams, the Syllabus is a fantastic resource for finding repertoire that suits their stage of development.

All exam enrolments are via our online platform, Score. With so many options now available, please read the information below to check which exam or syllabus is best for you.

Our Syllabuses are available in each genre of exams. Choose from:

A comprehensive range of musical instruments and styles, from beginner to tertiary entrance standard, and even an advanced Diploma for recognised professionals. There are also three different music theory syllabuses to choose from. Syllabuses are available as digital downloads or hard copy. Institutions can purchase a licence for their team, and instrument-specific portions of the full manual are available to download for a reduced price.

Speech & Drama
A variety of communication and other speech and drama skills, all matched with a speech theory syllabus. Syllabuses are available as digital downloads or hard copy.

For lovers of all contemporary genres. These graded performance exams are accompanied by Contemporary Music Theory and there's even a stream for Music Production. Rockschool digital syllabuses are available for each instrument and are free to download from AMEB Rockschool.

Performance Arts Awards (PAA)
Syllabuses and course materials are available for free across all three syllabuses - Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, and Street Dance. Visit AMEB Rockschool to download your digital copy today.

Where to get your Syllabus
All syllabuses are available from the AMEB Shop online as digital downloads, as well as a hard copy version of the Music Manual Syllabus. Reduced digital versions are also available for individual instruments and instrument families - the perfect teachers' companion!

The following items are also available from the AMEB Tasmania office:

  • 2022 Manual of Syllabus (Music) – $23.00
  • 2022 Manual of Syllabus (Speech) – $12.00
  • Replacement Certificate – $30.00

All items include standard postage within Tasmania. We're happy to add a receipt on delivery option for an additional $5 per item.

Orders from the Tasmanian office can be placed in person, or via email or phone. Never provide your credit card details in an email – we will arrange payment over the phone so please have your credit card details handy at that time. All prices quoted are GST inclusive.