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Accreditation and Graduation

Exams are how we make an assessment of a candidate's abilities in order to award an accreditation.

AMEB is Australia's most highly respected examining body and is recognised both throughout the country and internationally. We present exams in all states, as well as New Zealand, Vietnam, and even further afield thanks to our online theory assessments.

AMEB proudly presents Rockschool exams exclusively in Australia and New Zealand, including contemporary music syllabuses, PAA, and Creative Qualifications. These syllabuses is administered by RSL Awards (AKA Rockschool Ltd) and qualifications are recognised on an international scale. Rockschool qualifications are regulated by Ofqual - The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation.

AMEB exams are qualifications in themselves but other bodies recognise the skill and aptitude that goes into achieving such results. Check with your preferred tertiary institution - many offer bonus ATAR points to successful AMEB candidates. Read on to find out about more benefits beyond the accreditation itself.

All successful exam candidates receive a report of their performance and, where all qualification requirements are met, a certificate of their achievement. But there are more opportunities than just a piece paper that will live on your wall with pride.

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Missing your certificate? We can help. You can use the following form to let us know about your recent theory achievements to complete your qualification, or, if you've misplaced your certificate and would like to order a replacement, we're happy to provide a fresh copy for $30. While we can't provide an official transcript, we are happy to provide a letter of summary (PDF via email), which is also something you can request through this handy form. You can get in touch with all the details we need here:

Certificate Request Form

Where your Exam can lead