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Australian Music Examinations Board Tasmania

The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) is Australia's premier arts examinations body, including music, speech, and dance.

AMEB offers a system of graded performing arts exams for all levels and ages. Our syllabuses and supporting publications provide valuable frameworks for studies throughout school years and beyond - for teachers and learners alike!

Mission Statement

Supporting, inspiring & advancing a life-long engagement with music in Australia.

The AMEB Tradition — The Measure of Excellence

As one of the most respected bodies in this field AMEB's qualifications are recognised as a national benchmark across Australia. AMEB examinations are based on syllabuses designed by leading scholars and performers, regularly updated to ensure that they reflect an appropriate range of performance skills and the latest musicological research.

The content of these syllabuses is, wherever practical, published in affordable editions, ensuring that the cost to students of acquiring a full range of the set pieces is as simple and inexpensive as possible.

AMEB works with Examiners and teachers to provide encouragement for students through aspiration and a sense of achievement. AMEB believes that music education activities are vital to the cultural life of our communities.

What we offer

  • A qualification that is widely recognised and respected
  • Assessment from preliminary to diploma levels
  • Highly-trained, specialist Examiners
  • Detailed written reports for practical examinations
  • A current and relevant syllabuses with a wide range of genres and repertoire, with guided levels and further resources
  • Local teacher support and networks
  • Pathways to university study and professional careers in teaching and performing
  • Quality publications

Who we are

Your friendly AMEB Tasmania office is here to help. You may even speak to one of our team at the AMEB Federal office as we're part of that bigger family (and the fantastic additional support that comes with it).

AMEB Tasmania is administered by UTAS and we're here to provide AMEB exams across the state.

Overall direction of AMEB activities is the responsibility of its Federal Board, consisting of representatives from the educational institutions that are signatories to the AMEB constitution. The Federal Office overseas syllabus publications and online theory exams.