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Recorded Exams

Recorded Exams are available to anyone who is unable to attend an exam centre. We also recognise that there are a host of reasons why people will continue to need to isolate throughout the pandemic so Recorded Exams continue to be offered as alternative "venue" throughout 2021.

Recorded Comprehensive Exams now available in a new format.
Please ensure you have downloaded the latest version of all guidelines.

Repertoire exam options introduced in 2020 are now fixtures of the ongoing syllabus offering.

Please see our Exam Information page for enrolment closing dates.

Enrol for an Exam

REQUIRED Recording Guidelines

ESSENTIAL: Find your exam type, download your Guidelines, and step yourself through the recording process. Exam recordings that do not adhere to these requirements may not be accepted.



Speech & Drama

Required Reading and Other Documents

These documents are provided to assist you with your exam. They are intended as required reading and all Recorded Exam Guidelines MUST be adhered to.

Other handy things

Unable to work with a real human?
Accompaniment is a challenge when physical distancing. Please check out our Teacher Handbook (PDF 687.4 KB) (COVID edition) for recommendations and licences we have obtained to make this process as easy (and legal) as possible if you're unable to access a live accompanist.

Need to provide a copy of your music?
Check the Copyright Requirements and, if needed, provide this Copyright Declaration Form (PDF)
Please note that this form usually only covers physical copies however, due to these extraordinary times, AMEB has worked with APRA to extend the parameters of this Declaration to include digital copies for exam purposes. For more information, please contact APRA directly.

Check out this video: Your AMEB Guide To Recorded Exams.

Your Guide To AMEB Recorded Video Exams 2020, YouTube video

Can I still do a Recorded Exam when face-to-face exams are available?
Yes. We recognise that there are lots of factors as to why this may be what you need right now. For 2021, Recorded Exams will be available for all sessions - both face-to-face and recorded only. You may also enrol in a Recorded Exam in any session (depending on instruments advertisted).

Can I change to a recorded Exam if I'm enrolled in a face-to-face exam?
Yes but please note that, if your exam is already scheduled, we will require a minimum of two weeks' notice so that we can provide you with the details you need. Additionally, there is a transfer fee associated with this change (please check our Policies page for more details).

If I am preparing a selection of orchestral excerpts for my Recorded Exam, do I need to perform them all in the recording?
No, you won't need to perform all of the excerpts. Please have a look at the Recorded Exam Guidelines, where we have included a section of instructions for this unique component.

What happens if the technology fails for me and I am unable to complete my exam?
You may restart the recording once you have solved your technology issues. Please note that the entire exam performance must be recorded in one take.

How good does the recording quality need to be?
Good enough to convey the abilities, tone, and stylistic nuances performed by the candidate. While we're not expecting recording studio-level quality, AMEB does reserve the right to request the Candidate to repeat the exam if the quality is insufficient for the purposes of assessing their capabilities.

Can I provide a separate audio recording?
Yes. If your recording equipment does not record your audio with your visual, you may provide a better quality version of the audio separately. In this case, you MUST provide the full video (with original audio) so that we can match up the two recordings.

What happens next? How do I know when to do my recording? What's the timeline?
After enrolments close, we'll start scheduling exams just like the face-to-face timetables. Candidates will be notified at least two weeks prior to an exam due date. Candidates may undertake their exam recording, any time from enrolment up until the exam is due. The exam recording and all accompanying documentation must be submitted on or before the due date. Candidates who do not meet this deadline will be recorded as non attendance for their exam. Following the due date, we'll take one week to process and check exams, preparing everything for the Examiners - we'll email you to confirm we have everything as quickly as we can. The Examiners will then assess the exam recordings in bulk, much like they would attend an exam day. Candidates should have their report within three weeks of their exam due date.

Can I supervise my child/student's exam?
Yes. We require that all Supervisors are over 18. Where the supervisor is not the parent/guardian of the candidate, we expect that they will hold a valid Working With Vulnerable People Check.

I'm over 18 - do I need a Supervisor?
Yes. The role of the Supervisor is to maintain the integrity of the exam, not just to ensure the safety of children.

As a Supervisor, can I read the exam instructions to the Candidate?
Yes. Absolutely no problem with this, particularly for the younger Candidates who may not have advanced levels of reading. There are a few requirements for this: the person stating the Candidate's name and exam key MUST be recorded speaking to the camera; and you are ONLY permitted to read the instructions provided, and these must be in English.

Can I use a page turner?
Yes. Physical distancing and isolation practices may make this a challenge so we do recommend setting yourself up to minimise or negate the need for a page turner as the first preference. Your Supervisor is permitted to be your page turner.

Who has access to my recording?
The AMEB Tasmania team will be checking all recordings and documents to ensure everything is ready for our Examiners. AMEB Examiners will be provided access to the recordings and repertoire form, plus any further detail that will assist them in their assessment. No personal contact information is shared with Examiners and your recording will not be shared with anyone else without your explicit consent. All AMEB team members hold and maintain valid Working With Vulnerable People Checks. Exam recordings will be deleted from any device or storage following the report being issued. We may contact you to request sharing of some exams for the purposes of training Examiners - this will not be done without your consent and the recording will be edited to be provided anonymously.

Do I need to scan my music/texts for the Examiner?
Only the items outlined in your syllabus - please check your syllabus to ensure you're providing all that you need to, as well as the relevant Guidelines for any other accompanying documents required for your Recorded Exam. Classical Certificate of Performance and Diploma Candidates please note: the Recorded Exam Guidelines do require a scan of ALL of your works performed.

Will my certificate still be as valid as my other exams?
Yes. This process is stringently managed to ensure your exam result and accreditation will have exactly the same validity as a face-to-face exam. It's for this reason that it's super-important you read all of the guidelines and adhere to them.

Will I still be able to get extra TCE points for my Recorded Exam?
Yes. Recorded exams are just as valid in their accreditation as a face-to-face exam so you'll still be eligible for points. Check out TASC recognition to find out more about what's available.

Can I do a group exam via Recording?
Yes. Obviously, this depends on what syllabus you're enrolling in but we're happy to accept group exams via recording. It is your responsibility to ensure that any physical distancing requirements are met and that the recording has sufficient scope and quality to effectively portray the performance standards of all Candidates.

Are the new Repertoire syllabuses still available after 2020?
Yes. The recently developed For Leisure Repertoire syllabuses have been incorporated into our full suite of exam options. We recommend getting yourself a copy of this year's Manual of Syllabuses to make sure you know all about what's available.

Are the fees the same for Recorded Exams as normal, face-to-face exams?
Yes. While some costs are reduced through recorded exams (such as staffing on the day and piano tuning), these are offset by the technology required to maintain confidentiality and integrity of the exam process, as well as increased administrative load. Fun fact: The main expense for exams is actually the Examiners' time - and this remains a fixed cost.

COVID-19 Statement
We are offering the Recorded Exam format as an alternative to face-to-face exams to support students’ learning and ongoing development during the pandemic. Our first and biggest priority is to maintain the health and safety of all AMEB team members and exam day attendees, and we are taking various measures to support that. However, physical distancing regulations, restrictions on public gatherings, and proximity to high-risk individuals are recognised as highly variable and personal situations, and we invite anyone who does not feel comfortable attending an exam venue to enrol in a Recorded Exam.
During 2021, in light of these extraordinary conditions, Recorded Exams will be afforded a degree of leniency with regard to sound quality and type of keyboard. We understand that, during times of lockdown, candidates undertaking a piano exam may not have access to a quality, tuned instrument. In this case, no candidate will be disadvantaged in their assessment.
It is acknowledged that working with an accompaniment is an essential skill to the developing musician. During times of lockdown, the ability to meet with an accompanist for either rehearsal or exam recording is difficult, if not prohibitive. If doing so is not achievable, candidates have some alternatives available throughout 2021 (Diploma Candidates must work with a live accompanist).
AMEB has produced a selection of recorded accompaniments available for purchase from the AMEB Online Shop. If no AMEB recorded accompaniment is available for your instrument and Grade, we are permitting an alternative for this period ONLY. Candidates may use a recording provided by their accompanist. All candidates are recommended to speak with their accompanist about this in advance and discuss Intellectual Property, copyright, and appropriate remuneration. Please note that these are expected to be disposed of immediately after the exam and will not be permitted to be used as an ongoing resource. Pro tip: Ask your accompanist to include a couple of tuning notes at the beginning of their recording.

I still need help!
Please get in touch. While the world may be shutting down, we have diverted phones and set up shop in our homes. Susannah and Michelle are here to help - please contact us.

All enrolments are via Score for all exams presented by AMEB Tasmania. All Sessions are open for enrolment from the start of the year until the close date. Please see our Exam Information page for session and enrolment closing dates.

Face-to-Face Exams
Please note that all enrolments will be subject to restrictions continuing to ease. In the event that COVID-19 restrictions are reinstated, all exams will revert to Recorded Exams - we will be in touch if this occurs.

Enrol as normal through Score. Please check for your preferred location - we are working to return to all locations for exams in 2021. If you are unable to attend the locations available, you may enrol as a Recorded Exam.

Recorded Exams
Enrol via Score as normal but please select your location as "Recorded Exam (Own Venue)". This option will be available for ALL Sessions, regardless of location (these are limited only by the types of exams on offer).

Want a time outside of the Sessions?
Please have a look at our Exam Information page for more details of flexibility on offer this year.

Need to make a change?
Up until the enrolment closing date, you can do this yourself in Score (under My Practical Enrolments).
After the enrolment closing date, get in touch with us in the office to assist you. While we continue to be entirely supportive and sympathetic of COVID-related difficulties, the waiver of transfer fees has concluded - you can read about these in our Policies.

If you are unwell and can not attend your exam in line with our Pandemic Policy, we will do our utmost to reschedule you, based on Examiner and venue availability. It is your responsibility to let us know with as much notice as possible and please be aware that a Recorded Exam may be the only substitute option.

Please note - if you are converting from a face-to-face to a Recorded Exam, we will require a minimum of two weeks' notice so that we can provide you with the details you need. Additionally, your exam will be subject to Examiner availability and may be due PRIOR to your exam date.