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AMEB Award

Contribute to your performing arts community and gain recognition for your efforts.

The AMEB Award celebrates achievement across the performing arts and it's open to anyone undertaking an AMEB exam!

This national program is outlined in brief below, but our AMEB Federal website has comprehensive information, FAQs, activity examples, and more. You can enrol in SCORE today.

Who it's for

Performing arts learners

Introducing the AMEB Award - a development program that supports and acknowledges your efforts as a developing musician, dancer, actor, performer, music tech, theorist...

We know that artistry goes beyond practice and exams. You can contribute to the performing arts in so many ways, both on stage and behind the scenes. The AMEB Award is a structured program that offers you a different perspective, and the opportunity to expand your creative community and celebrate your successes.

By undertaking three key Award requirements – an AMEB qualification, performances, and contribution activities - you'll expand your creative horizons and grow as a performer.

Along with prestige and personal development, you’ll also make a positive contribution to your performing arts community.

What's involved

An exam and activities

Depending on which level of the AMEB Award you're ready to achieve, you'll be required to complete three requirements: an AMEB Qualification, Performances, and Contribution Activities.

Your AMEB exam demonstrates that you've achieved a certain level of proficiency.

Performances are all about demonstrating those skills that are critical to the developing performer. At least one of these will need to be in your nominated discipline (your exam specialty). Performances can be solo or as part of an ensemble and must be presented to an audience of at least five people, during the period of your Award enrolment.

Contribution Activities showcase your dedication to your performing arts community. They deepen your understanding and appreciation of your chosen art form, give back to the community, and promote the performing arts to a broader audience. These behind-the-scenes activities demonstrate your commitment to your craft and support your engagement with the arts beyond just performing. They are your chance to showcase your dedication to your performing arts community.

Each contribution activity needs to align to one of the AMEB Award values:

  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration
  • Assistance and Support

If you undertake the Gold Award, you must also complete Significant Contribution Activities that focuses on leadership.

Please note that grades vary with some qualifications. We recommend reading the full details available on our AMEB Federal website before enrolling. There are also handy examples of activities, FAQs and other resources to help you in your AMEB Award journey.

Find out more from the AMEB Federal website

How to enrol

Just like all of our AMEB enrolments, participants can be registered, and complete activity logs, all within SCORE - your AMEB enrolment management platform.

Enrollers must be aged 18+, and can be the participant. Please note that payment is required to confirm the enrolment.

As participants complete each requirement, they can log the details in SCORE, and request approval from their Supervisor. Supervisors can be teachers, parents, conductors, MDs - anyone aged 18+ who is not the participant themselves. Supervisors can approve one, several, or all activities.

We know how much our teachers and leaders contribute behind the scenes so we've made the supervisor approval process as simple as possible: no checking of hours; no chasing the learner; no signing during your lunchbreak. You'll receive an initial email asking if you're prepared to be the supervisor. When the activity is complete, you'll be contacted again with a request to confirm that the activity has been completed (or not). And you're done!

Enrol in SCORE now

Find out more

Looking for more details, or inspiration for your next activity?

Head to our AMEB Federal website for the comprehensive guide to the AMEB Award. You'll find:

  • Comprehensive requirements lists
  • Activity examples
  • Eligible AMEB exam qualifications
  • Instructions on how to complete each requirement
  • Significant Contribution Activity explainer
  • Information for teachers, supervisors, and mentors
  • Supervisor guide
  • Policies and Ts and Cs
  • FAQs

If you're a school and wanting to promote opportunities to your learners, please get in touch. We'd love to help you celebrate the achievements of your students, answer your questions, and even support you in generating the excitement around this fantastic opportunity.