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Exam information

Want to get enrolling now? SCORE is here to assist you.

In SCORE, the account holder (teacher, parent or adult learner) is able to enrol candidates, access exam information, and view results.

SCORE is our very own, built in-house, system and we are continuing to add further features and refine those already on offer. We encourage you to spend some time exploring the site, and we're on hand to answer any questions you may have. And your suggestions for new features are very welcome! You can even submit them through the help function, as well as ask for assistance and let us know if something isn't working.

To register, enrol and pay online:

visit SCORE at

Exam Sessions and Enrolment Dates

Practical Exams

This year, we have added an extra string weekend into Session 1 for Hobart candidates, which was some fantastic feedback from local teachers. If you have a similar idea, let us know so we can look at how best to support your students' learning cycles. We've also put together a new layout for the downloadable exam dates (below) - fold it, stick it, and pop it on your desk so you don't miss those closing dates!

Practical Exams include classical, for leisure, contemporary, and speech & drama syllabuses. Our exam session dates document includes when exams will be running, closing dates for entries, and QR codes to take you straight to SCORE.

If you have any special needs, please let us know how we can best support you when you register. Similarly, if you already know of any religious or compulsory school event that clashes with any dates within a session, you can let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate but please note that this is always subject to the availability of examiners and venues.

Video Exams

You can find Video Exams as an alternative "venue" in all exam sessions, for all syllabuses.

We are pleased to continue to offer Video Exams as an option for our remote Candidates and anyone who is unable to attend and exam location.

Theory Exams

You can undertake a music (classical) theory or Speech and Performance Theory exam at any time through our online theory platform. Rockschool Theory exams can also be done all year round. Purchase an online theory exam and you also get access to practice and learning tools for up to one year (or until you take your exam).

Paper-based (hand-written) theory exams are available on request to groups of five or more candidates only for Theory of Music, Diploma exams, or where an online option is not yet available. Please note that these exams require a suitable venue (eg school or studio) and appropriate supervision of strictly controlled conditions to maintain the integrity of the assessments.

Find out about Paper-Based Theory Exams

Exam Fees

Prices listed relate to the current year, which will usually increase to match CPI and associated exam delivery costs. Exam fees are based on the duration of the exam and contribute to related expenses, such as Examiner and Supervisor remuneration, venue hire, instrument tuning and hire, and related administration.

All practical music syllabuses now offer both Comprehensive and Repertoire style exams. Please see the relevant Manual of Syllabuses for relevant details. Recorded Exams are the same price as face-to-face exams.

Where old and new syllabuses are running concurrently, exam prices refer to both syllabuses. It is essential that exam material be prepared from only one, valid syllabus edition.

Our Policies page has all the information regarding exam cancellations and late fees.

If you are unsure which exam you are preparing for, please visit our Syllabuses page for descriptions and comparisons of syllabuses available for each specialty instrument or area.

Classical Music exams encompass all Comprehensive (including both Solo and Collaborative), Repertoire, and for Leisure syllabuses for classical instruments, Singing and Musical Theatre.

Rockschool exams are available for guitar, bass, drums, vocals, piano, ukulele, Popular Music Theory and Music Production. Rockschool Diplomas offer pathways in Performance, Creative Enterprise, and Teaching.

Performance Arts Awards (PAA) also include Musical Theatre but in the staged context - please scroll down to the PAA section for those details.

Media is one of our most contemporary syllabus areas where you can gain qualifications in Vlogging and Podcasting.

Please see the Ensemble Exam menu below for fees relating to group exams in traditional instruments, Rockschool Band, and Drama & Communication syllabuses. Please note, Piano Collaborative is considered an individual exam, due to there being only one candidate assessed in the exam - please see the Classical prices as listed below.

FMusA exams are available on an invitation basis. The first stage of the process includes an application and video pre-assessment to AMEB Federal Office. Please head to SCORE to apply or visit our dedicated Online Shop page to find out more.

GradeClassical MusicRockschool
P Plate Piano $59.00 (piano only) N/A
Premiere N/A $103.00 (Let's Rock)
Preliminary $93.00 $125.00 (Debut)
Grade 1 $101.00 $163.00
Grade 2 $107.00 $168.00
Grade 3 $116.00 $179.00
Grade 4 $126.00 $195.00
Grade 5 $134.00 $206.00
Grade 6 $152.00 $222.00
Grade 7 $180.00 $233.00
Grade 8 $207.00 $244.00
Certificate $228.00 N/A
Associate $367.00 $580.00 (Professional Diploma - Level 4)
Licentiate $471.00 $884.00 (Professional Diploma - Level 6)
Fellowship Please contact the office N/A


If you are unsure which exam you are preparing for, our Syllabuses page has more detailed information.

Drama & Communication Exams can be undertaken by individuals, duos or groups. Exam fees below relate to the exam duration, regardless the of number of candidates.

*In the case of Speech and Drama exams in sections, the fee payable relates to the section(s) to be undertaken in the current calendar year. For fees relating to requisite Theory parts, please refer to below Theory Exams section.

Grade Speech & Performance Voice & Communication Drama & Communication
Preliminary $94.00 $94.00 $196 per group (Introductory)
Grade 1 $102.00 $102.00 $196 per group
Grade 2 $105.00 $105.00 $196 per group
Grade 3 $116.00 $116.00 $228 per group
Grade 4 $125.00 $125.00 $243 per group
Grade 5 $128.00 $128.00 $243 per group
Grade 6 $144.00 $144.00 $270 per group
Grade 7 $162.00 $162.00 N/A
Grade 8 $179.00 $179.00 N/A
Certificate $228.00 $228.00 N/A
Associate $329.00* (Section I) $329.00* (Section I) N/A
Licentiate $428.00* (Section I) N/A N/A


If you would like more information about ensemble exams, please refer to the relevant syllabus or contact the AMEB office. Our Syllabuses page may also provide the details you're looking for.

Rockschool Band exams are offered at Grades 3, 5 and 8 only.

Drama & Communication exams can be undertaken by individuals, duos or groups. Exam fees below relate to the exam duration, regardless of number of candidates.

All PAA exams can be undertaken in groups. Exam fees are listed under Performance Arts Awards below.

Please note, Piano Collaborative is considered an individual exam (not group), due to there being only one candidate assessed in the exam - please see the Practical Music Exam section above.

Grade Ensemble Performance Rockschool Band Drama & Communication
Introductory N/A N/A $196 per group
Grade 1 $123.00 per ensemble N/A $196 per group
Grade 2 $134.00 per ensemble N/A $196 per group
Grade 3 $139.00 per ensemble $88.00 per candidate $228 per group
Grade 4 $146.00 per ensemble N/A $243 per group
Grade 5 $160.00 per ensemble $93.00 per candidate $243 per group
Grade 6 $177.00 per ensemble N/A $270 per group
Grade 7 $205.00 per ensemble N/A N/A
Grade 8 $247.00 per ensemble $103.00 per candidate N/A
Associate $407.00 per ensemble N/A N/A
Licentiate $519.00 per ensemble N/A N/A

Piano Collaborative syllabus prices are the same as Piano Comprehensive (Solo). Please note that only the pianist is assessed in this style of exam - assessment does not include the collaborative artist.


Performance Arts Awards (or PAA) exams are available for groups across three syllabuses areas - Musical Theatre, Dance (Street Dance and Jazz Dance), Acting (Acting, Screen Acting, and Public Speaking).

Exam fees listed are per candidate.

GradeMusical TheatreDanceActing
Grade 1$101.00$101.00$101.00
Grade 2$107.00$107.00$107.00
Grade 3$118.00$118.00$118.00
Grade 4$123.00$123.00$123.00
Grade 5$128.00$128.00$128.00
Grade 6$139.00$139.00$139.00
Grade 7$149.00$149.00$149.00
Grade 8$160.00$160.00$160.00
Professional Diploma - Level 4$580.00$580.00$580.00
Professional Diploma - Level 6$884.00$884.00$884.00

Enrol at any time. The Examiner comes to you at a mutually agreed time.

Exam enrolments can now be made through SCORE. We also have further details on our dedicated PAA website.

Head to the Federal AMEB PAA Website

Media includes two syllabuses - Vlogging and Podcasting - as our cutting edge media exams.

Exam fees listed are per candidate.

Debut $98.00$98.00
Grade 1 $107.00$107.00
Grade 2 $123.00$123.00
Grade 3 $133.00$133.00
Grade 4 $144.00$144.00
Grade 5 $160.00$160.00
Grade 6 $170.00$170.00
Grade 7 $186.00$186.00
Grade 8$202.00$202.00

Enrol at any time. All exams are portfolio-based and you can submit online at any time.

You may also have seen these exams under the banner of Creative Qualifications, from the team who bring us Rockschool syllabuses. Exam enrolments can be made through SCORE. We also have further details on our dedicated Rockschool website.

Head to the Federal AMEB Rockschool Website

Traditional (classical) music theory is presented across three syllabus options - Theory of Music, Musicianship, and Music Craft.

Contemporary music theory is assessed through the Rockschool Popular Music Theory syllabus, which can be undertaken at any time online.

*Practical Speech Diplomas exams also include a written component (Section II). In the case of Speech & Performance Diploma exams, the fee payable relates to the section(s) to be undertaken in the current calendar year. For fees relating to requisite Practical sections, please refer to Speech & Drama Exam Fees above.

All theory exams are now delivered online, except for Diploma exams which will remain as paper-based. Online Exams provide maximum flexibility of timing, and plenty of opportunities to take practice exams.  Theory of Music exams may still be taken as Paper-Based. Fees apply to both Online and Paper-based exams. Head to our Syllabuses section to find out more about all Theory exams and syllabuses.

To support your theory learning, Online Theory Courses are also available for Theory of Music. These directly align to the exam syllabus, and more information is provided on our Syllabuses page. Both Theory of Music and Rockschool Popular Music syllabuses are supported by workbooks that step you through the concepts and provide practice opportunities to apply your learnings.

Please check the relevant syllabus for any practical exam theory corequisites.

Fees listed are per candidate.

Grade Theory of MusicMusicianship Music Craft Rockschool Popular Music Speech & Performance
Preliminary N/A N/A N/A $96.00 (Debut) N/A
Grade 1 $82.00 N/A N/A $101.00 N/A
Grade 2 $85.00 N/A N/A $107.00 N/A
Grade 3 $89.00 N/AN/A $112.00 N/A
Grade 4 $95.00 N/A N/A $118.00 N/A
Grade 5 $101.00 N/A $114 $123.00 N/A
Grade 6 $106.00 N/A $122 $128.00 N/A
Grade 7 N/A N/A N/A $133.00 N/A
Grade 8 N/A N/A N/A $139.00 N/A
Associate $156.00 $161.00 per section N/A N/A $161.00* (Section II)
Licentiate $195.00 $197.00 per section N/A N/A $197.00* (Section II)


Music Production Exams are available online and year-round. Enrol through SCORE at any time.

Please note that all Rockschool Music Production Exams are delivered by AMEB Federal Office - that team will be in touch directly to help with your exam journey.

Grade Music Production
Grade 1 $107.00
Grade 2 $123.00
Grade 3 $133.00
Grade 4 $144.00
Grade 5 $160.00
Grade 6 $170.00
Grade 7 $186.00
Grade 8 $202.00

Exams are undertaken online, all year round.

Exam enrolments can now be made through SCORE. We also have further details on our dedicated Rockschool website.

Head to the Federal AMEB Rockschool Website

Where exams are undertaken in stages, the exam fee payable relates to the section(s) to be undertaken in the current calendar year. Rockschool Professional Diplomas (Teaching) fees include all subjects for the overall accreditation.

*Please note, while the Certificate of Music Teaching is the introductory pathway for teaching accreditation, it is not a Diploma qualification.

Teaching Grades Music
Professional Diploma
Speech & Performance
Speech & Performance
Certificate* $290.00 $161.00 (Section I) N/A N/A N/A
Associate Diploma $370.00 $197.00 (Section I) $580.00 (L4) $329.00* (Section I) $161.00* (Section II)
Licentiate Diploma $437.00 $197.00 (Section I) $884.00 (L6) $428.00* (Section I)
$197.00* (Section III)        
$197.00* (Section II)

To find out more about what is involved in Teaching exams, please refer to our Syllabuses, or Teacher Resources pages. For exam details and enrolments, please contact the AMEB Tasmania office.

Rockschool Professional Diploma are available in three streams, including Teaching. They are Level 3 Diploma extensions available for all Rockschool and PAA syllabuses. You can enrol any time and complete the Diploma at your own pace. Exams are administered by our team in the AMEB Federal Office and you can enrol through SCORE at any time.

Visit SCORE to enrol in your next exam

SCORE fun facts

All exams are managed through our bespoke online system known as SCORE.

If you have previously registered as an Account Holder for Online Theory, use the same login details for any new exam enrolments.

Through SCORE, you can:

  • Enrol for an exam
  • Download and print your exam notification and repertoire form
  • Read your Report and see your result
  • Download your exam invoice
  • Request support
  • Request an exam withdrawal or refund (check out our policies so you know what you can expect).

SCORE is our enrolment platform and it's built and managed by our IT team in the AMEB Federal Office. We're lucky to have a (small) team of experts on hand to continue to add features and attend to any bugs as they arise. Watch this space for new additions!

How to enrol for an exam

Create your profile
Start by creating your SCORE account. Parents, teachers, candidates over 18, and school admin superstars can be an "Enroller". You can also create a SCORE account without making any an exam enrolments. Head to SCORE and click the "Log in" button to start the process.

Enrolling for an exam
Once you're in SCORE, you'll see a menu option for "Enrol now". You can enrol for both practical and online theory exams here.

Exam and Syllabus types
If you're unsure about which exam you should be enrolling in, your teacher is always the best person to ask. If you don't know which exam type is which, please have a look at our Syllabuses page for explanations and guidance.

We'll ask you for your credit card details at the final point of enrolment so please have those ready. An invoice will be automatically generated and can be downloaded from SCORE in case you need this for tax purposes, or to forward the fee to your students. Schools that would like to be invoiced, please pop in an application for a SchoolPay account a few days ahead of your enrolments so we can get that set up for you.

Exam notification

When we've scheduled your exam, we'll send you an email to let you know that your notification is available. We aim to provide about four to six weeks in advance of the exam day for the larger sessions and at least one week ahead of the shorter, weekend-long sessions.

When you receive that email, log into SCORE and, from the menu, select "My enrolments" and find your candidate. The "Options" button will now have a new menu item to "View exam notification".

Receiving reports

Once the Examiner has finalised your report and we have tripled checked it in the office, we'll send you an email to let you know that it's available.

Log into SCORE and, from the menu, select "My enrolments" and find your candidate. The "Options" button will now have a new menu item to view the report. Next up, we'll post out your certificate (assuming all requirements are met) so please ensure your postal details are up to date.

Other SCORE fun facts and FAQs

We're always building new and handy features for SCORE.

Special needs candidates
We have a section in the enrolment form where we'd appreciate any detail you can provide: how we can best support your needs; any medication you'll have with you and where we can find it if needs be; action plans if you have them; size of sight-reading music or visual aides, etc.

Why do changes need to be submitted for approval?
You may realise that you've put a typo in your date of birth, or want to add a middle name later. Any changes to your details will be sent to the office so that we are aware of the new details. Sometimes a little change for you will necessitate updates elsewhere in our system, or have a flow on effect for your exam, so we make sure that's all looked after before we "approve" the change.

Online Theory
All Online Theory, both Courses and Exams, are managed through SCORE. To view your enrolment details, you'll need to select from the menu "My Enrolments". From here, you can view practice exam results and check your Candidate's log in details so that they can access their Course or Exam.

Missing candidate details?
You can start an enrolment and come back later if you need to check on a few things or add more students. To find where you were up to, select "Cart" from the menu. You can also edit this information if you need and it all stays as a draft until you progress through the checkout and finalise payment.

Do I need to enter additional parent/teacher details?
Yes please. We'll only ask you for information we actually need. Scheduling is a massive jigsaw puzzle and sometimes we need some more details to ensure we get you the most convenient time. Many of these are questions that only a parent or a teacher can answer so it's important that we can contact whoever is most relevant.

Enrolling multiple candidates
You can enrol multiple students and pay for them all in one transaction. We've tried to make this as easy as possible but, because of some of the logic behind the forms, there are a few limitations. Groups will need to be enrolled through individual, completed transactions. Everything will sit in the Cart until you're ready to finalise them. The Cart is also a great chance to double check all of your enrolments - make sure you have details correct, that you haven't duplicated any, or missed someone out.

TCE credit points
If you'd like us to advise TASC of the Candidate's result to go toward their TCE points, please tick the box in the enrolment form. We'll need some extra details about the Candidate to complete the data that TASC need to match the points to the person. Our Accreditation page has some more information on this if you're wondering what these points are.

Need more help?
First of all, SCORE has an FAQ page which we've filled with everything we hope will help you. If you can't find your answer there, we're here to help. You can get in touch directly, or use the support system under the menu for "Contact us".

If you're ever in doubt, please give us a call at the AMEB Tasmania office so that we can guide you through - we're here to help!

Head to SCORE