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Speech & Drama Subjects

These syllabuses encompass a wide variety of skills across speech, vocal technique, communication, performance, and drama. Whether you want to gain confidence in public speaking or if you have dreams of Hollywood, you'll find a syllabus and exam to suit.

There are three syllabuses under our Speech & Drama umbrella:

  • Speech & Performance, including practical exams, teaching Diplomas, and theory.
  • Drama & Communication
  • Voice & Communication

All Syllabuses offer structured and sequenced learning so there's a grade for all levels of experience. Candidates present their program of works and engage with the Examiner in a discussion of their exam preparation. Read on to find out more about which is the best fit for you.

If you're looking for the Screen Acting, Acting, or Musical Theatre syllabuses, more information can be found on our PAA page. While there's a lot of crossover, these syllabuses are all unique and offer something special to prospective Candidates. Find the right fit and fly!

Read more about PAA syllabuses


Explore and interpret texts across a broad spectrum of styles, genres, and eras. Develop interpretative and performance skills by interpreting and gaining insight into the works you're presenting. Your exam presentation will include your physical response to the text, demonstrations of secure vocal  technique.

Licentiate in Speech and Performance, Australia (LSPA)

If you're looking to take your skills to the next level, this Diploma is a fantastic pathway and goal. There's quite a bit involved so here's a bit more information around the Dissertation procedure on our Federal website.


Exams are now available online! This Theory Syllabus underpins all three practical syllabuses and is designed to align with corresponding grades across Level 1. Please consult the Manual for the alignment of higher grades. Through Speech & Performance Theory, you can develop your understanding of the functional framework of speech and performance that relates directly to dramatic performance. The Syllabus covers phonetic symbols, poetic interpretation, history, and communication practices. Diploma Theory exams remain available as paper-based, with enrolments via Score.


Please visit our Teacher Support page for more information on Teaching accreditation and exams to support your professional development.

Drama & Communication

Specially designed for the performing arts, this syllabus offers a fantastic structure for both classroom and studio teaching,

Exams can be undertake by individual candidates, in pairs, or as a large group.

Candidates develop performance, language, and interpretation skills through their response to the text. Additionally, group members work in collaboration to enhance their ensemble performance, negotiating, and group decision-making skills.

Each grade works on a different dramatic focus and students' research into the topic is a great source for self-guided learning and engagement through an area of personal interest.

In each grade, the exam contains a performance and discussion with the Examiner. As the levels increase, so do the options for the Candidate/s to prepare elements of interest, such as a presentation of the documentation that went into creating the performance, an improvisation section, or a group devised demonstration.

Voice & Communication

Gain the life skills that will set you up for success! This syllabus aims to nurture one's confidence to communicate, cultivating a flair for reading effectively, speaking with clarity, and presenting to a variety of audiences.

All our syllabuses are suitable for all ages but this one is especially so. Level 2 exams are designed for secondary or tertiary students and adults working in the corporate sector, or the broader community.

Exams can be undertaken as an individual, or with a support group which could include classmates or fellow Candidates. In the group format, each Candidate still delivers their individual program but can interact with, and feed off, those in the room.

In addition to presenting prose and poetry, candidates are encouraged to choose an object or topic of interest for presentation. The exam itself includes a lot of conversational elements with the Examiner, and group if applicable.

Associate in  Professional Communication, Australia (APCA)

If you're looking to take your skills to the next level, this Diploma is a fantastic pathway and goal. There's quite a bit involved so here's a bit more information around the Folio procedures on our Federal website.

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