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Organic Mass Spectrometry

Sandy Bay Campus, Chemistry Building, Level 2, Rooms 251 
Contact: Dr David Nichols (Research Fellow and Officer in charge)

A Bruker-300 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, installed in 2011, provides excellent GC/MS/MS capabilities. A Waters Acquity UPLC-Xevo triple quadrupole MS instrument, installed in 2010, has ESI, APCI and ASAP ionisation modes, as well as Diode Array UV-Vis and ELSD detection. The facility has recently been upgraded with a Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap high resolution tandem mass spectrometer, which provides accurate mass analysis capability for both targeted and untargeted metabolomics.

These instruments are used for research in disciplines such as botany, forestry, agronomy, microbiology, chemistry, pharmacology, environmental science, immunology and zoology.

Current applications include characterisation of synthetic compounds and natural products via mass spectra and accurate mass measurements, identification and quantitation of plant hormones at low ppb levels, polar and non-polar lipid analyses, identification and quantitation of plant pigments, insect and mammalian pheromone research, and pesticide residue determinations in essential oils and plant extracts. Biomedical applications include chiral analysis and separations, metabolic fate of drugs and other xenobiotics, antibiotic and other drug assays.

Many mainland Universities and other external clients regularly use this facility which has an established national reputation.