The TPE impact model

In its establishment phase the TPE has two broad objectives:

  1. To work collaboratively with government on strategic projects to enhance the value and impact of the University of Tasmania's research and expertise in relation to policy issues of importance to the future of Tasmania
  2. To develop and test a place-based and outcomes-focused impact model which can be adopted across the University to maximise our capacity to make a difference for Tasmania and from Tasmania to the world

Principles which inform the TPE impact model

  • Societal impact occurs through long-term program-based partnerships in which universities collaborate with industry, government and the wider community around mutually agreed programs
  • Analysis is evidence-based, pragmatic, solutions-focused and presents decision-makers with options
  • Outputs should be practical tools and insights which can be adapted over time to meet the specific needs of particular communities and places
  • Long-term outcomes are supported by a commitment to supporting implementation and systematic evaluation. Programs should respond to emerging evidence and evolving practices