Cutting Tasmania's transport emissions

Tasmanians have had their say – see the results.

A new and considered approach to transport will help us address climate change.

In August 2023 the TPE, in partnership with the RACT and the Mercury, conducted a statewide survey of Tasmanians’ preferences for reducing transport emissions. A detailed summary of the survey results can be found below.

Results show that while Tasmanians are keen to reduce transport emissions very real barriers stand in the way, including infrastructure limitations, cost factors and long-standing social attitudes.

The Tasmanian Government’s first Emissions Reduction and Resilience Plan (EERP) on transport (due out this November) will need to address these and other barriers to ensure the Plan is both practical and effective, while also ensuring that no Tasmanians are left behind in the transition.

Driving net-zero survey responses report (PDF 2.5 MB)

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Thank you to all those Tasmanians who took part in our survey!