DIAGRAM SHOWS: Six petals overlapping at a central point. Three petals represent the research themes undertaken in the College: Brain Science, Behaviour and Neurodegenerative Disease; Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease and; Molecular Genetics of Human Disease. These intersect with three petals representing the approaches used to address these themes: clinical sciences; public health, health services and primary care and; biomedical research and new technologies. The central intersection represents our ‘Flagship’ areas where we are uniquely placed to excel in tackling specific issues.

Our Research Flagships

Within our themes of research, we have identified specific areas where our greatest research productivity and excellence lies - Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and Obesity.

Across the College we are tackling these major health issues from all angles, using approaches ranging from molecular lab-based studies right through to working with human patients. Flagships help bring together all these approaches and our researchers to work as a united force.