This year, two Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws students from the University of Tasmania will travel to Asia on the prestigious New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program. The Program provides opportunities for Australian undergraduate students to undertake semester-based study and internships or mentorships in 40 participating Indo-Pacific locations.

Grace Williams is in her fourth year of the combined degree.

“I’ve always been interested in arts, and I’ve found combining it with studying law was a really good idea. I wanted to have the law as a tool for social justice, and the arts complements that by providing a critical understanding of the world around me,” Grace said.

I think the Law School is amazing. I was really attracted to the fact that it had a small-enough size and experience where I could engage with my lecturers and get a lot of support, but also really excellent teaching.

Grace plans to take her internship with PEKKA, a women’s empowerment organisation based in Indonesia.

“PEKKA is all about empowering Indonesian women by enhancing access to Islamic courts, access to education and employment, and developing skills to thrive in Indonesian society,” Grace said.

I’ve been taught human rights law and international criminal law by experts like our Dean, Tim McCormack, who was special advisor in the International Criminal Court. I think having that experience is pretty special.

Samantha Climie, courtesy of DFAT

Samantha Climie will do her first internship in Japan and a second internship in China or Nepal.

“I’m passionate about human rights and international relations, and I’m hoping to be near-fluent in Japanese by the end of my New Colombo Plan scholarship,” Samantha said.

Without the encouragement and generosity I’ve had from my peers and tutors at the University, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to grasp half the opportunities I’ve had. It’s what led me to be in Japan today.

Samantha’s advice for anyone considering the combined Arts/Law degree is to take full advantage of the diverse opportunities available in the course.

“Go for it! It’s a great course: Arts gives you the flexibility to pursue your passions, and the support from the Law School is unrivalled. The combined degree opens so many options,” Samantha said.

I grew up in Tassie and I have the most wonderful life here. Studying at a good, reputable university was also important to me, and luckily, the University of Tasmania has a great reputation and is pushing the top of its field in many areas.

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