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Animal Ethics

Animal Ethics Committee

The University of Tasmania Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) (Terms of reference) has been established under the Tasmanian Animal Welfare Act 1993 to oversee the care and use of animals in research and teaching at the University of Tasmania and to ensure that all animal care and use is done in accordance with the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes (8th Edition - 2013).

University staff and students must obtain approval from the AEC if they wish to carry out any investigation that involves vertebrate animals or cephalopods which are alive, or which are to be killed specifically for the investigation. Approval must be obtained for research projects and teaching exercises, irrespective of whether they are being is undertaken at the university or at other organisations.

If you are conducting any part of your research outside of Tasmania, you are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of your project comply with local guidelines and legislation. Animal Ethics Infolink provides a good overview of the all State and Territory legislation.

More information about the AEC: