The Good Life

Our place-based data and survey techniques are helping to understand what ‘the good life’ means to Tasmanians and how we can capture and use local data to support better futures here and in regional and rural communities globally.

Place-based datasets and wellbeing indices are increasingly sought after around the world as a tool to support government, business and community decision-making. The Good Life platform will combine data about what we know with data about what we want, building an important opportunity for Tasmanian communities to make good decisions for themselves and to better inform those making decisions about them. Built from a unique dataset distinctive to Tasmania, the platform will provide information about Tasmania at community and state levels and in a form comparable to other states and nationally and internationally. The Good Life will tell the story of Tasmania through quantitative and qualitative data, providing deep insights into the wellbeing and opinions of Tasmanian residents and communities. How are we faring now? What do we want for the future?

The Good Life platform is a combined initiative of the Institute for Social Change and the College of Economics and Business, drawing on the expertise of researchers across the University of Tasmania. The platform will be an integrator and enabler for social impact research across the University. Led by a dedicated team with expertise in data analysis, communication and research translation, this initiative will provide evidence to influence and shape public policy and community work on our island and beyond.

The Good Life initiative emerged from The Tasmania Project established by the Institute for Social Change at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to give Tasmanians a voice and gather important information to support decision-making by and for the community. The project, which conducts surveys, interviews and focus groups with Tasmanian residents, has served as a resource for both the community and decision-makers, helping Tasmanians work together for a strong future.

Through the Good Life platform, we will establish a sustainable model for place-based datasets and wellbeing indices that will benefit our communities and partners in Tasmania and beyond. If you would like to partner with us, find out how you can participate, or simply learn more, please contact us at