The Good Organisation

In partnership with business, not-for-profits and government in Tasmania we aim to build place-based datasets to understand what ‘the good organisation’ looks and feels like and what enables them to prosper here and elsewhere.

Many different things contribute to and influence the long-term wellbeing of organisations. We will partner with business, not-for-profit and government organisations in Tasmania to work out what matters most and collect information about those ‘important’ things. The quantitative and qualitative data collected through The Good Organisation platform will be collated, analysed and disseminated at regional and state levels in a form that will allow comparisons nationally and internationally.

Together we hope to answer the question of what ‘the good organisation’ looks and feels like and what enables them to prosper in Tasmania and elsewhere. We will start to build this platform from mid-2023 onwards. If you are part of a Tasmanian organisation that would like to partner in this work, we invite you to get in touch.

An organisation - infographic

An organisation

Interactions and outcomes, mediated by organisation goals, locational factors and broader socioeconomic conditions

Income and cash flow

Environmental conditions

Occupational health and safety

Staff satisfaction and productivity

Social licence and community support

Markets and market opportunities

Environmental policies and compliance

Skills, leadership, training and support for staff

Information technology and communications


Infrastructure and machinery