A number of scholarships are available to cover tuition fees, living allowances, relocation and travel costs and thesis allowances.

The allocation of scholarships is determined on a competitive basis and is based on academic merit, experience, prior learning and other relevant attainments. Priority is given to new candidates in strategic research areas.

Major Scholarships

Other Scholarships

Some scholarships are funded by external funding bodies and donors for specific research projects or disciplines. These vary in amount, condition requirements and closing dates.

Find out what scholarships are currently available.

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Future candidates should review the scholarship information above and then visit our Apply Now page for further instructions. Applications for scholarships will be reviewed and ranked on a competitive basis.

Current candidates may submit a scholarship application at a later stage in their candidature with support from their School. Applications by current candidates will be reviewed as part of a competitive process. Please contact the Graduate Research Office for a current candidate scholarship application form.