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Building on your existing managerial expertise, our new offerings mean you can tailor your MBA experience to accelerate your career aspirations to senior leadership roles.

Course options

Master of Business Administration (Executive)

Modern thinking for the future leader

Challenge yourself to rethink traditional business theories through a contemporary lens, and emerge the executive of tomorrow

Executive development

Extra-curricular activities support personal and executive development alongside course content through residential intensives including career design, networking and site visits around Tasmania.

Customise your learning journey with specialist capabilities

Choose one of three specialisations, each that provides highly in-demand business skills and knowledge, setting you apart for your future career

Go beyond the new ‘business as usual'

The Master of Business Administration (Executive) is designed for senior business leaders and strategists. You’ll study matters associated with how we perceive and engage with work, expanded notions of sustainability, more responsive organisational resilience practices, and challenges to traditional leadership paradigms.  You will study this course face-to-face with residential block delivery augmented by synchronous online tutorials.

This flexible course allows you to specialise in a topic of your choice, or pick units from across all three specialisations to customise your learning journey to your particular career and industry.

Designed to equip senior managers and leaders to address global challenges associated with the development of appropriate strategic organisational capability. You will be challenged to investigate and evaluate traditional and unorthodox approaches to leadership, as well as Indigenous knowledges about the topic.

The resilience of organisations, be they private, public, or not-for-profit, continues to be tested in a world that is constantly changing as a result of the evolving risks associated with natural disasters and human threats, such as cyberattacks. With such changes come a range of new challenges.

The relevance of sustainability to all organisations, and indeed to all people, is a key area of concern for all managers and leaders. Operating an organisation in a manner that supports sustainable practices across the breadth of operations is now a critical imperative. The specialism allows you to examine more closely managerial and leadership obligations as they relate to sustainable business now and into the future.

Career opportunities


Management and Organisation Analysts

Projected job growth by 2026*


Chief Executives and Managing Director

Projected job growth by 2026*


Sustainability Manager

Job growth between 2016 and 2021*

An MBA with real connections

“The MBA journey not only mentally prepared me to start my own business, but also helped me to build my network, meet my mentors, and introduced me into the local business community.”

Elaine Cao
Master of Business Administration

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