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An MBA with real connections

How Elaine transitioned from corporate professional life to partnering in her own business with the MBAi.

Elaine Cao had worked in marketing roles for 10 years and always dreamed of one day starting a business herself. Studying the Master of Business Administration (International) – or MBAi – equipped Elaine with the professional skills and industry networks to build her own company.

“It’s quite different to return to school after working for 10 years – you have a much better understanding of business theory and its real-life impacts,” Elaine said.

When I first arrived in Australia, I didn’t know anyone here. Through the journey of studying the MBAi, it not only mentally prepared me to start my own business, it also introduced me to my mentors, friends, and the local business community.

The MBAi at the University of Tasmania provides students with life-long skills and an understanding of business in an international context, with a strong focus in areas like data-driven decision making, finance and economics for managers, and human resource management.

“The lecturers have rich industry experience, so they can explain the concepts of the course in a more practical, relatable way.

Once I had an idea to start my own business, I really had a lot of help from the lecturers and staff. Even after graduating, they are still so generous with their support.

As an international student, studying in Tasmania has been an all-new cultural experience for Elaine.

“I rent from a local landlord, all my neighbours are local – those kinds of things push me to go beyond my comfort zone to explore the local culture and lifestyle.

When I communicate with local business people, I’ve found they speak highly of students from UTAS and the MBAi degree is highly recognised for someone who wants to do business here.

Elaine now works as a consultant based in Hobart, specialising in digital marketing and communications for the Chinese market.

“The experience of studying at UTAS is really beneficial for anyone who wants to start their own business. And if you want to establish yourself in Tasmania, the economy is booming now. There are a lot of business opportunities.”

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