The generosity of our community underpins excellence at the University of Tasmania. Every year, close to 500 students are supported by scholarships, and excellence in research and teaching is strengthened by the gifts of alumni and friends to the University of Tasmania Foundation.

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2015 Annual Appeal

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The University of Tasmania celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. To celebrate our rich and proud history, we are expanding our scholarship program. Scholarships make all the difference in the world for students who otherwise would not have the means to attend university.

Please consider a special gift towards the scholarship program in celebration of the 125th anniversary.

Our Stories

June Hazzlewood, Regular Giver

"Over the years I have been a student at UTAS, graduating with several qualifications and in 2006 I received my post-retirement PhD not long after turning seventy five. In one way or another I have remained engaged with UTAS and I am glad I can give back to UTAS.

It is wonderful to give and see positive outcomes as a consequence of my giving. I enjoy helping people reach their optimum potential and I feel that, while not missed by me, the regular amounts that automatically come out of my account once a month are doing somebody some good."

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Recognising your Contribution

We value and appreciate the contributions of both our donors to the University and our graduates to the community.