Central Science Laboratory

Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis
Sandy Bay Campus, Chemistry Building, Level 4

This facility is equipped with four mass spectrometers, two VG SIRA Series II, one is a Micromass Optima and an Isoprime100 mass spectrometer coupled to an Elementar varioPYROcube elemental analyser. The Elementar system, which was commissioned in late 2012, allows the routine C, H and N-isotopic analysis of a wide range of solid biological materials. This new system also allows the isotopic analysis of small (sub-milligram) sulfide samples obtained by micro-milling sulfide-bearing specimens in polished thick ore and rock sections.

There Facility has two sample-processing lines for the quantitative extraction and cryogenic purification of SO2 and CO2 from sulfate, sulfide, graphite and organic carbon, and carbonate minerals.

Contact: Christine Cook Christian Dietz.