Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters 2015: Tasmanian Blends

2nd December, 2015 

Sandy Bay Campus, Hobart

Teaching Matters brings together staff at the University of Tasmania to exchange ideas about learning and teaching and to share good practice. It is our annual opportunity to celebrate what we are doing well, and to tap into the collective knowledge of our peers to generate ideas for the future.

The theme of this year's conference is Tasmanian Blends.

This theme looks to focus on what continues to inspire us as teachers, and in the blend of students, of staff, and of learning environments here at UTAS in the midst of a challenging Higher Education environment. Multiple blends shape the learning and teaching experiences of our students and staff: from the way that the University of Tasmania blends its responsibility to serve the needs of the state with a strategy for global visibility; through the blend of commitments our staff have to teaching, research, and service, as they seek to achieve quality in each equally; and including our students' blending of caring commitments, employment, and study in varied combinations that change over time. They also blend the modes, locations and times of their study.

Keynote speaker announced

Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, AM, Governor of Tasmania will present the keynote address as this year's conference, bringing her unique understanding of our state, university and the educational opportunities that we can make available.

Teaching Matters 2015: Tasmanian Blends will explore the unique learning experiences that we provide for students of the University of Tasmania.   
The theme of Tasmanian Blends will be further explored through the sub-themes:

  • UTAS Blended Learning Model – What examples of the blended learning model in action can you share? What high impact learning experiences do you provide your students? How are you fostering dynamic communication between students during and outside of class?  
  • Student Blends – How does the blend of ethnicity, cultures, and educational experiences of your students enhance your teaching? What strategies do you use to support your students' blends of work, life and study commitments? How do you capitalise on the blend of life experiences, research, and practical knowledge that you and your students bring to foster student learning? 
  • Course Blends – What opportunities do students in your course have to blend their theoretical understanding with practice? How are Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) driving curriculum development within and across units?  How are you and your colleagues working together to enable students to progressively build their knowledge in order to achieve CLOs? 
  • Distinctive to us – What distinctive learning experience(s) do you offer to your UTAS students? With students based in locations within and outside of Tasmania, what is something that you are doing that engages all of these students with the values of the University of Tasmania and our unique environment?

About Teaching Matters

Teaching Matters is the major showcase for learning and teaching at the University of Tasmania. This annual conference began in 2002 and provides an excellent opportunity to discuss teaching practice, recognise success in teaching and learning, showcase innovations and engender enthusiasm for excellence in learning and teaching.

It also provides a relaxed atmosphere with opportunities for participants to move between a variety of sessions, talk to presenters, and build networks with colleagues. Teaching Matters is open to all academic and professional staff interested in learning and teaching.

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2nd December

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